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Hi Karen:
Sorry to hear about you having new issues. I swear I never know what I'm going to wake up to each day. I guess that's the life of someone with a back injury.

Anyhow I wanted to just tell you how my pain is and you can compare. I have permanent nerve damage and neuro says there's no surgery , anything that can fix it.

My L5 disk is bulging. I have had the EMG, Myelogram , CatScan, MRI and they confirm that nothing is compressing my nerve. They say my fall caused me to either hit it or stretch it so bad, that it's damaged. And my anterior tibialis(that's the nerve at the front of your leg.)is confirmed damaged with the EMG.

I experience, numbness all the way down to my big toe. Sometimes my numbness spreads to the others, but rarely. I feel it at the top of my foot and it does feel tight sometimes, like it's swollen. I now have drop foot from that nerve being affected. I know that when this began with me, it was a gradual thing. So I'd definately keep tabs on it, and let your dr know.

I also have the most severe numbness and pain throughout the saddle area. I was reading a post Successstory just did and she was describing where the sciatic nerve runs. And after reading her post , I can see how my saddle area can get so numb and I'm telling you that numbness and pain is the hardest for me to cope with. If it weren't for Ice , I'd not be able to cope with the pain.

My nerve pain changes everyday, sometimes it can be pins and needles like it's gone to sleep...... sometimes it's so numb that I am in horrible pain. It's always different. I've experienced a lot of pain since they did ultrasound heat to my periformis muscle. Not sure if that would have flared up the sciatic nerve, as it runs right under the periformis.

Anyway I'm throwing a lot out at you. But I keep a diary with everything I experience everyday. It'd be a good way for you to document how your foot is doing and if this progresses.

I do know in the beginning with my injury,,,, the foot feeling that you are describing would come and go,,,,,,,, then one day the feeling never came back.

Definately talk to your dr. ..... and let us know how you're doing ! Hope I helped a little ! Lisa :)

Accident at work March 24, 2003
Diagnosed with strained back and given 3 weeks PT
Continued pain -sent to neurosurgeon MRI showed bulge at L5- continued PT
May appt showed no improvement and increased weakness in right leg. Ordered Myelogram and EMG on May 28th
Myelogram and EMG moved to new date/ June 19

Myelogram showed no impingement. EMG showed nerve damage to the anterior tibialis.
Have drop foot and numbness in thoughout right leg/moving sometimes to left leg.
Numbness in perineium area.
Constant pain treated with Soma and Loratab 10.5.
Was hospitalized for a week after myelogram with ringing ears and pain.
Visited neurosurgeon July 10 and told that I'm having post myelogram syndrome and he believes all my symptoms will pass.
No improvement thus far with nerve damage.

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