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Hi Shauna:
Yes I do feel pain in the hip. Your sciatic nerve runs through there.
Also , I just learned this at PT. He says my periformis muscle is soooo tight. That is the muscle that runs right on top of the sciatic nerve. If that muscle is tight it can put pressure on the sciatic nerve and cause pain. He said a lot of times , when we walk with a gait.... (don't know if you do or not) I do with the drop foot, that you aggravate the periformis.

But in my opinion,,,, and i'm no dr........ but if you have the inside of your disk bulging out and it's touching a nerve. You are going to have problems until that is addressed.
I definately want to know what the dr says when you go back. When are you supposed to go back? I mean they didn't diagnose you and not tell you what their intentions were did they?

You need to be seen about. I would hate to see anybody deal with permanent nerve damage if it can be prevented. I am stuck with it, and it's a hard cookie to swallow to know I'll have this forever.

Let me know how things go ! Lisa :)

Accident at work March 24, 2003
Diagnosed with strained back and given 3 weeks PT
Continued pain -sent to neurosurgeon MRI showed bulge at L5- continued PT
May appt showed no improvement and increased weakness in right leg. Ordered Myelogram and EMG on May 28th
Myelogram and EMG moved to new date/ June 19

Myelogram showed no impingement. EMG showed nerve damage to the anterior tibialis.
Have drop foot and numbness in thoughout right leg/moving sometimes to left leg.
Numbness in perineium area.
Constant pain treated with Soma and Loratab 10.5.
Was hospitalized for a week after myelogram with ringing ears and pain.
Visited neurosurgeon July 10 and told that I'm having post myelogram syndrome and he believes all my symptoms will pass.
No improvement thus far with nerve damage.

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