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[QUOTE=LS56;1102924]My doc admitted to me a couple of months ago that both of these drugs are simply sleeping pills; they just use the term "muscle relaxant" because it sounds better to pain sufferers. I didn't ask if all drugs that were called "muscle relaxers" were truly sleeping pills, or whether there were some true ones out there.[/QUOTE]

Your doctor is very ignorant and I think is just trying to convince you that you don't really need another prescription. Which also may not be true. I took flexeril for 15 years for muscle spasms and they worked very well until I went through 5 different surgeries and suffered considerable nerve damage. This nerve damage causes me lots of spasms. The flexeril from taking it 3x a day caused me terrible sinus problems so I was switched to Soma. Which work great. The reason why doctors do not like to prescribe soma's is because they turn to demeral as soon as they hit the acid in your stomache. And by far the best muscle relaxer is valium. But I am sure we all know why doctors don't prescribe that except in very serious conditions.

To educate some of you on why a spasm occurs, your nerves can be irritated from bone spurs, herniated disks, etc. When the nerves are irritated they send a signal to your brain telling it to "freeze" your muscle so the nerve can stop being irritated. But we all know how painful the spasms are. So you just end up in a viscious circle. Now it is also true that they are not true muscle relaxers. But they are the only three noted to have any affect on the body. But they do help you to relax and therefore your muscles relax. The pain makes you tense, which makes your muscles tighten, which irritates your nerves. You get the picture. I would get another doctors opinion. There are many pain management doctors in this country. And more and more are realizing that it is inhuman to make people suffer just to avoid being adicted to a narcotic. Being able to function in life is becoming more important. If a medication does not work for you. Keep telling him until he listens. If he doesn't listen, its time to look for another doctor. It took me 5 years to find an awesome family practioner. If it were not for her listening to me, I would be a quadroplegic by now.

And Bunky not all of us are as lucky as you. Tell your mom I'll call her. LOL was really surprised to scroll up and see your post. Wish milk worked for me. You'd die if you knew all the prescriptions I am on. But without them. I can't move. So we are all different. And all meds react differently on each of us. Which is the reason for so many on the market. But if you continue to be uncomfortable, in pain, not sleeping, then continue to pester your doctor to help you be comfortable. In todays world and resources there is no reason for people with access to theses resources to be in pain.

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