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I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I recently experienced a weird back spasm whilst walking up just three steps. The pain started in my upper back just above/around my shoulder blades and rapidly spread around my rib cage squeezing the breath out of me and I couldn't quite catch my breath for a minute or so. It was as if a giant pair of hands had dug their thumbs into my back (the initial pain) and then gripped around my rib cage and squeezed all the breath out of me my heart also skipped a few beats as I was so scared. I suppose it could be described as squeezing crushing pain. The attack lasted no longer than a couple of minutes and went away and did not reoccur. I went to my Doctors and he sent me to the hospital to test for heart abnormalities which included ecg then an ecg with treadmill stress test an echo and finally a nuclear stress test all normal ?!?!?!? (done over the following weeks) I have no answers and the best that can be come up with was a back/muscualr spasm .......................... or as some as the doctors said they just don't know!

Anyone have a similar experience ?

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