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Cortisone and steriods are in fact the same medication. You should [b]never for any reason have more than 3 injections in a one year period[/b]. If your doctor is giving you more than three you are putting yourself at serious risk.

The Burton report was posted in this forum and in the pain management forum, if you search this site you will find it as well as additional information regarding steriodal injections.

Trigger point injects are a different situtuation and often times do not have steriods in them. It pays to ask your doctor what is in the injections. Most doctors never make you aware of the real problems caused by steriods. I have had SI for many years, about 20 now, in various joints including my shoulders, back, hip and knees. Since then my cartiledge and ligaments are fairly well shot. They also cause a great amount of scar tissue build up if given in the spine.

never have a epidural Si injection without a doctor using a flouroscope (it's similar to an xray machine) that why they can target the site quickly without having to dig around in your spine which could cause damage to your nerves.

If your doctor gives you a rough time about not wanting these injections ask him/her if they are willing to have them, what the real side effects are and risks and why studies show it only works 50% of the time if you are lucky. I'd also ask why specifically if they are so "safe" then why does the board of health indicate you should never have more than 3 in a 12 month period.

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