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Hi all!

Daubie ... Thanks for the input, that helps put it in perspective for me. I guess multiple walks of about 100 yards an hour or two apart is better than one big walk around the block and collapsing into bed. I do have constant lower-back pain when walking, just like your typical strained muscle with burning spasms, etc. but over the whole lower back I walk around with my butt tucked really tight and stomach tensed, standing very erect not daring to reach forward for anything. If I could get a handle on that, I'd be up all the time.

I find it strange that I have no pain sitting in hard backed chair for meals. In fact, if I wind up there a bit longer than 10 min. I feel better walking when I get up. I know many posts have said to not sit at all for a full six weeks? Am I just lucky that I have no pain sitting? If it doesn't hurt and seems to help, should I sit up more or is that a really bad thing?

re. numbness ... I had numbness in large patches down my left shin, top and bottom of foot and toes, and of course the foot drop, as well as really nasty burning/pressure type pain in the entire leg if I bent forward at all, like reaching into glove box of car while driving, yeeooow! That pain would also sort of pulse on and off, albeit at much lower intensity, while in bed. Postop, all numbness in shins is gone and all the leg pain is gone. The numbness in foot, and foot drop, seemed better right after surgery, but apparently swelling has brought those back. NS thinks I was imagining the foot drop being better, so the jury is out on that. Oh, staples come out next Friday.

Nice to see feedback on other recent postops ... my best wishes for your speedy recoveries!

Seekbliss ... would you elaborate on what PT is like. My NS won't even talk about it until next Friday and may not even recommend it. I assume it is on an individual basis.

Take care everyone,


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