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Hello All,

Thanks for responding to me. Let me start by saying I feel much better this evening. It's 9:30pm here, so quite a while before my bedtime.

Kristen, I'm going to try and answer your questions. This doctor is an internal medicine doctor and the one who diagnosed me with the heart condition. In December I requested a wheelchair so I could take the kids to an outlet for Xmas shopping and to ask for a referral to an ortho. She told me I didn't need to go to Ontario Mills, the outlet, and just to rest and we'll see if I felt better. I immediately made an appointment to see the PCP. He gave me the referral, no problem. Now,one of the side effects of Lithium is weight gain, not as badly as Prednisone, but a few pounds. I was taking Lithium in December and she never said anything about my weight. When the results of the MRI came back, I made copies. One for myself, for her (an "I told you so"), and the PCP. All arrangements were made by the PCP. I will admit I dropped the ball as far as changing internal doctors. That's my fault! Since she's the doctor who diagnosed my heart condition and technically I'm her patient, she had to authorize the operation.

Lisa, my dear Lisa. I know what you mean about being addicted. Since I can no longer drink coffee, I may as well type on the computer. Let me tell you about the fibro. The internal medicine doctor never told me that. The PCP did. She just charted it. The internal doctor said my thyroid and blood are fine. As far as the Darvocet is concerned, you're right. I was so angry yesterday nothing would have worked. I promised my Mother I would be a good girl at the doctors and not act up. Since I was trying not to lose my temper, I started hurting. I'm going act like an adult and write a letter because this is ridiculous. If I'm feeling like this and I know I'm not obese, I know she's having a negative effect on other people. I know she made that comment on purpose, especially since she was denying I ever sent a copy of my results to her and I would not back down. So I thought about it, if I'm obese in April, I was obese in July and she should have said something then. Since July, I've gained all of 10-12 pounds. Between the Lithium and inactivity due to my back, that's not bad. I'm a walker and have long legs, so it won't take long to lose those few pounds. Mychelle and I will probably always share the joke, "Well Mom since you're obese, can you this or can you that"...I am working on my happy. Thank you so much for listening. Goodnight.

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