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Hello to everyone! :wave:
Welcome, Laura! Wow! You really have been through some changes lately, but it's so good to hear that things are working out!
I am two weeks post op today :)(microdisectomy)and don't see my doctor till next Thursday for the first time. I've had a few things running through my mind again, as I'm getting tired of staying in the house. I know I can go outside and walk, but I hesitate, since I have a bad limp with this dropped foot. I think I have a terrible fear of falling, like I did before surgery. But I do walk slowly all day long around the house, so I AM on the move somewhat. How long it was before you drove somewhere simple and close, like the grocery store? I don't want to drive too soon, but I thought doctor said I could try it ten days post op if I felt like it. I, too, am having periodic shooting pains now down my leg that I have not had before, as I was in no pain before surgery. I know this is normal from what you all said, but I sure wish it meant that the nerve is HEALING. Has anyone been told that the post op pain in toes/leg is a GOOD sign that nerve is actually repairing itself, or is it just random stuff that occurs after surgery? Also, at what point did you all start sitting for brief periods each day? So far, I have done everything standing, except the last two nights, I sat for fifteen minutes to eat dinner and am now sitting at my computer. I feel no pain from doing this, but I never had any real pain even day one after surgery sitting on the toilet, etc.
HNP - no, the dropped foot, numbness, etc. have shown no improvement yet. Thanks again for the info!
I know this is a lot of questions, but I'm at that point where I don't want to do too much, but worry I am not doing enough! Hope all of you continue to feel great and happy healing! [img][/img]
Good Morning All! :)

Carol & Seekbliss, Thanks for the warm welcome!
Carol: Congratulations on this very special time of your life - before too long you'll be making plans for the "baby's room", finding yourself drawn to the "wittle baby clothes" in the stores, & already probably feeling that warm glow of carrying your very best special buddy around with you everywhere you go. (It was one of my favorite times of life in case you can't tell!).
Seekbliss: I had to find my post-op instructions to remember the driving part - I guess my Doc was a bit on the bold side- instructions say probably safe in about 2 - 3 days or when comfortable (unless on narcotics for pain). However, I guess I'm one of those who don't completely trust my rearview/side mirrors & I seem to twist to check traffic- so I didn't try driving til 2 wks & that may have been too soon. I always wore my soft brace (til 3 wks). I don't think I've heard you mention one- but it was to be worn at all times except the few minutes in the shower. Maybe it was just for the lower (L5-S1) patients. They say it's for wound compression/ incision tension relief but I also found it helped keeping your body aligned as one unit when getting out of bed, sitting w/o bending, etc. (Did your Doc or someone at hospital give you body mechanic/ exercise/lifting limit instructions?). Since you weren't feeling much pain, you may not be able to completely let "if it hurts don't do it" be your guide. The main thing is to move your body as a unit, no twisting or bending at waist while healing & not lift anything requiring 2 hands or over ten pounds (less preferably) while recovering. Afterward (for life) we need to learn to use our legs & abdominal muscles (tensing) (once conditioned by stretches/walking/etc) instead of our backs. I guess that's one of the reasons we're here now! Walking is also important, at a steady pace w/good walking shoes, starting short walks several times daily, then longer walks fewer times - but not to point of discomfort.(Mine said never more than 45 min in 1st 6 wks). I did more walking, sat too much (long trip to Michigan & even after), & tried doing too much in the house - & at 3 wks started hurting to the point of tears. Anti-inflammatories helped with the discomfort & pain & I think it makes sense they aid in the actual healing (by reducing inflammation of course!). I wouldn't over-do them- take w/food when directed- & I've found sometimes Extra strength Tylenol will work for some & do nothing for others- they might choose Aleve or Advil. On BAD days I went straight for the Vioxx - but never over did that. Hydrocordone first month occasionally when really bad. Also, lots of fluids helps keep the wound healing/hydrated. Also, stretches like Carol told me above to prevent scar tissue adhering to wound- NOT a good thing to happen!) Lastly, ( [img][/img] ) ! ! you're question on new pain: My info reads "You may notice different hip/leg sensations after surgery. There's a lot of swelling inside the surgical site than can cause temporary pressure on nerves. As your body heals the swelling will decrease, & sensations will resolve" They also told me you can have occasional pain up to 160 days as you're healing. So, sounds like you are on schedule! While you're recovering, indulge in old movies or whatever type gives you peace of mind/comfort! Or recline in the sunshine (don't get a sunburn!) with a refreshing drink & a good book. Or- watch the decorating channels/craft channels & get ideas for later.(not sure where you live but I've learned the sun doesn't shine in Michigan!) (ok . . almost!) Hope this helps! (But now you have eye strain!) (At least it'll take your mind off the legs for a moment!)
Take care all - Laura

Left side butt/leg pain to calf -4 mos- mostly while sitting & at work- worst at night
MRI showed mild bulging @L4-L5 but herniated disk L5-S1
03/17/03 Microdisectomy/hemi-laminectomy(laminotomy)

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