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DAY 8! Good morning!
HNP-feeling pretty good today so far and hope you are too! You made a good point...I raised my leg straight behind me for years to bend, just for comfort..and it does make you bend at the hip. Yes, I am doing a bit better each day. I sent boyfriend to work today so I will manage alone till he gets home. My sister is only a phone call away if I need her. I stood off and on all day in the house two days ago, so yesterday, I was exhausted! I didn't get out of bed for more than two hours the whole day. I assume I overdid it some. I also had new leg pain that I didn't have before and pain in toes and behind knee. But I remembered all of you saying you have strange pains and they go away. I have stood in kitchen to help cook standing and not lifting almost daily at dinnertime or breakfast all week. I want to sit soo badly. I am not walking any better and have noticed no improvement in my leg yet. But remember I had no pain in leg or back anyway for the last month...I have weakness in left leg, esp ankle, dropped foot, numbness in places and can't flex foot or curl toes. So at this point, nothing has changed and I walk with a pronounced limp. The foot brace helps correct my gait and I limp a little less, which is good for the rest of me, but it doesn't make my medical prob any better if I wear it, so it doesn't damage my conition if I don't wear it.I dont have it on today, as it's my first day alone and I don't want to mess with wanting it off or on. But I will wear it most days and always when I go outside to walk. I have showered front only a couple times and plan to finally wash my hair and shower my back this weekend! YIPPPPPPEEEEE!
ETOILE & DDP- glad to hear you're back at work and things are going well. Don't overdo though! I can imagine how good it feels to get back into the swing and some sense of normalcy.
PRINCESS - you sound like you're doing so well at the farm! Keep up the good work!
ROSA- you've been through so much. It does my heart good to see you improving and pushing on. I wish you the best.
ELISE- you are the one I'm watching as closely as anyone...didn't you say you had a dropped foot too? May I ask how LONG before you notice any improvment? Did you have a dropped foot brace too? What improvements have you seen?
How many of you are on disability temporarily while out of work? I am a high school counselor and remember reading a teacher had posted something about being on disability I think. Apologies...I cannot find her name on here right now.
Nobody told me not to stretch so I am glad I read these posts! I have stretched lightly in the mornings while waking up in bed. It must be a NO NO! I won't do it anymore. I'm itchy, but that too will pass. I will see my doctor three weeks post op on 21st of this month.
Sunday is day 10 and I plan to shower, get dressed and go see my mother for mother's day in her skilled nursinig facility. I will lay in the car and it's only two miles away. Haven't seen her for 8 days and she's used to me coming to see her daily. It's been hard, because I can't tell her I've had would upset her too much with all her medical problems. With her dementia, if I have so much as a cold, she thinks I'm in the hospital. Hope you all continue to heal inside and out! I'm so thankful I happened on to this site! What a godsend! Your spirits keep me going and make me much less fearful!
Good Morning All! :)

Carol & Seekbliss, Thanks for the warm welcome!
Carol: Congratulations on this very special time of your life - before too long you'll be making plans for the "baby's room", finding yourself drawn to the "wittle baby clothes" in the stores, & already probably feeling that warm glow of carrying your very best special buddy around with you everywhere you go. (It was one of my favorite times of life in case you can't tell!).
Seekbliss: I had to find my post-op instructions to remember the driving part - I guess my Doc was a bit on the bold side- instructions say probably safe in about 2 - 3 days or when comfortable (unless on narcotics for pain). However, I guess I'm one of those who don't completely trust my rearview/side mirrors & I seem to twist to check traffic- so I didn't try driving til 2 wks & that may have been too soon. I always wore my soft brace (til 3 wks). I don't think I've heard you mention one- but it was to be worn at all times except the few minutes in the shower. Maybe it was just for the lower (L5-S1) patients. They say it's for wound compression/ incision tension relief but I also found it helped keeping your body aligned as one unit when getting out of bed, sitting w/o bending, etc. (Did your Doc or someone at hospital give you body mechanic/ exercise/lifting limit instructions?). Since you weren't feeling much pain, you may not be able to completely let "if it hurts don't do it" be your guide. The main thing is to move your body as a unit, no twisting or bending at waist while healing & not lift anything requiring 2 hands or over ten pounds (less preferably) while recovering. Afterward (for life) we need to learn to use our legs & abdominal muscles (tensing) (once conditioned by stretches/walking/etc) instead of our backs. I guess that's one of the reasons we're here now! Walking is also important, at a steady pace w/good walking shoes, starting short walks several times daily, then longer walks fewer times - but not to point of discomfort.(Mine said never more than 45 min in 1st 6 wks). I did more walking, sat too much (long trip to Michigan & even after), & tried doing too much in the house - & at 3 wks started hurting to the point of tears. Anti-inflammatories helped with the discomfort & pain & I think it makes sense they aid in the actual healing (by reducing inflammation of course!). I wouldn't over-do them- take w/food when directed- & I've found sometimes Extra strength Tylenol will work for some & do nothing for others- they might choose Aleve or Advil. On BAD days I went straight for the Vioxx - but never over did that. Hydrocordone first month occasionally when really bad. Also, lots of fluids helps keep the wound healing/hydrated. Also, stretches like Carol told me above to prevent scar tissue adhering to wound- NOT a good thing to happen!) Lastly, ( [img][/img] ) ! ! you're question on new pain: My info reads "You may notice different hip/leg sensations after surgery. There's a lot of swelling inside the surgical site than can cause temporary pressure on nerves. As your body heals the swelling will decrease, & sensations will resolve" They also told me you can have occasional pain up to 160 days as you're healing. So, sounds like you are on schedule! While you're recovering, indulge in old movies or whatever type gives you peace of mind/comfort! Or recline in the sunshine (don't get a sunburn!) with a refreshing drink & a good book. Or- watch the decorating channels/craft channels & get ideas for later.(not sure where you live but I've learned the sun doesn't shine in Michigan!) (ok . . almost!) Hope this helps! (But now you have eye strain!) (At least it'll take your mind off the legs for a moment!)
Take care all - Laura

Left side butt/leg pain to calf -4 mos- mostly while sitting & at work- worst at night
MRI showed mild bulging @L4-L5 but herniated disk L5-S1
03/17/03 Microdisectomy/hemi-laminectomy(laminotomy)
Hi to all again! :wave: (3-1/2 weeks tomorrow!)
Yesterday morning, my mother, who's in a nursing home, took a fall, so I met her at the emergency room and was there for three hours while they ran tests/x-rays, etc. Thank God, she didn't break anything, because last two times she fell, she broke her left, then right hip in the past year. I actually carried my leg brace to the ER and had a nurse there put it on me so I could walk/exercise for half an hour instead of sit while they ran tests. When I got home, I was good and tired from standing all morning and doing a little sitting, but not in pain, more like chronic by evening, I took another pain pill, which I haven't done in weeks, but I'm feeling back on track this morning.
ETOILE - good to see you back on here and doing so well! Sounds like you're taking excellent care of yourself. Hope every day of your pregnancy goes well, too!
SUDDZRUS - I can identify with what you're saying and feeling. It's only been less than a month since surgery, but I have NO improvement yet. The doctor told me to give it 3-6 months before I start getting concerned/anxious but he also told me to be ready for anything in case it doesn't improve....easier said than done, right? All we can do is try the power of positive thinking and follow doctors orders. He told me to do ANYTHING I feel up to doing at 3 weeks post op and not to baby myself too much....just do it in moderation at first, see how I feel, then if it doesn't bother me, keep progressing. Now, to answer your question about posting your SIGNATURE: Stay on the page you're reading on right now, scroll to the top of it and under the blue oblong circle that says NEW TOPIC, click on PROFILE. A page will come up that asks you to type in your name/password again and at bottom of page, click SUBMIT IDENTIFICATION. This should take you to your original sign up page...just scroll down to SIGNATURE, then type in the white box what you want your history to say and click SUBMIT MODIFICATIONS at bottom again. You shouldn't have to mess with the UBB CODE or HTML. The hard thing to remember is EVERY time you type a posting, you have to remember to click the SHOW SIGNATURE box right under the box you type posting in, unless there's a way to permanently make it show, but I haven't found a way. Also, if you want, go back to top of page you're reading now and under that blue obling circle again, click on "faq" instead of PROFILE and it will take you to a page that will answer lots of questions about how to do things on here.
WOOGIE - keep us posted on what you find out. I know it's frightening. I went to the doctor to see what was wrong and never dreamed surgery was a consideration. Got two more opinions and new better after that. My leg and foot are both involved, too. I have a dropped foot...they didn't say you had that did they? Best wishes!
Hope everyone has a good Memorial Weekend! I may be on here a lot, because this is the first time I'll be alone in three weeks and as you can see...I love to write. My boyfriend has stayed longer than I expected and says he will come back if I want him to Monday night, but I want to get myself back on track and rely on me again so I don't get too spoiled.

1987=L4-5 herniated disc that only flared up once or twice a year causing back & leg pain. No pain rest of time.
L4-5 disc ruptured worse & broke in March 2003 = dropped foot, plus leg/ankle numbness & weakness for 2 months.
Hemilaminectomy/Microdiscetomy May 1, 2003.
Age 50
Good Morning everyone! :wave:

Wow - page 18 now huh! [img][/img]

Mike & J : I, too, would like to welcome you here! Mike- so tomorrow is the big day! You probably posted on your signature but I don't remember now- which disc is your "problem disc"? Yes, it does seem like sitting isn't kind to our backs! (and I thought THAT "vice" seemed innocent enough!)(what's next- do we find out that drinking water is detrimental too?) ;) Where can you get that chair? -sounds great! & great that you & your company are advocates for a healthy work environment! [img][/img] I think my husband (& maybe for computer chair @home too) wld love it for his work (he has chronic back pain also & probably will eventually opt for ADR once it's the norm here in USA).
Well, suppose you've gotten your environment all set from the post op list & your ready to get this all "behind" you! Best of luck tomorrow -know you'll do great & our well wishes & thoughts will be with you!
J, I'm sorry about you having to wait til Sept for surgery also & know it's a bit frustrating with the timing & a pain ie : "lesson" in patience having to wait! But appears you'll be "well prepared" for it! Did you say what you're doing for pain in the meantime?(Sorry- can't go back & look right now!) Again, nice to have you here & take care!

Lisa :wave: Hi! Glad your mom's home- sorry about the situation with her lung. My dad's 77 now & altho it's been 50 yrs since he was a marine, he has the stubborness & strong will of that generation also, & of course, has health issues. He married someone just 3 yrs older than me 20 yrs ago- so she has the responsibility of trying to nurture/handle him. She tells me he really listens/reads the health info I recommend to him via email,etc., and to keep it coming tho! (We now live across country from one another so I can't see him as often as I'd like). Sounds like your back's responding like the rest of ours did when it didn't appreciate something or other! Anti-inflammatories w/food & ice(don't want me to go into my frozen food speech again,right? ;)) take care!

Daubie, Hi! How are you today? Are you saying you're definitely getting more feeling in your foot these days? Oh & thx for asking- yes- the probable ligament tear friend is the one who closed on a house in your neck of the woods. On her trip to PA to visit her hubby's parents (in ill health) - one of her dogs jumped off the balcony & shattered his hip in 5 places -had to have emergency surgery there of course & came home this wk-end. Until she moves into the new house she's staying w/all her pets in a hotel. (2 story suite -but it begins on 2nd story!) - so, she gets to get him down the stairs when nature calls- w/her bad wrist somehow (hubby's assignment is Ohio during the wk so she's on her own) (when it rains it pours!) I obviously can't help w/that situation other than moral support & keeping my distance from her 3 dogs who are all taller than me & VERY demonstrative in welcoming me to their place! She'll move into her beautiful new home in a few wks & this will all be behind her (If she survives!) Well, I hope you have a great day- don't work too hard! chat w/you soon!

Dee, How was your wk-end & how are you today? (I'm not supposed to ask that on a MONDAY (sorry-my "work chat ettiquete" is suffering from actually finally not having to work for awhile!) (so's my spelling!) When is your appt to ck on your ankle? Hope you have a great wk- that chair Mike (GTO) mentioned sounds great!

I agree that it'd be great for a "Michigander get-together"! :round:

Well, happy Monday everyone!! (is that possible?) Have a great wk! Seekbliss,Di,Kristen,Carol,Coby,Dave,Buf-where are you guys? -hope you're all doing great!


Mar 2003:Micro-Discectomy w/Hemilaminectomy L5-S1
Prior to that 4 mos of Sciatic pain; left side
Herniated Disc L5/S1
Bulging Disc L4/L5

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