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I'm usually an avid cyclist, doing at least twelve miles every weekday (six to-and- from work). About two weeks ago I noticed an 'irritant' of a mild pain on my upper rear leg (right leg). Two days later, I happened to fall on the rear of that same leg, hitting the right rear/side 'boney' area. Didn't seem like much, kept on doing the cycling, and even fit in one day of a three mile brisk walk outside in addition to the usual cycling... felt great.
Then a night or two it happened... pain in the lower back shooting down some into my leg. Took ibuprofen, woke up in what seemed to be enough pain to justify an emergency room visit. Went there, doctor asked questions about where the pain was radiating from. Seemed somewhat from lower back down rear of leg and DEFINATELY down right front side of calf. Standing up, sitting down, or lying down wasn't necessarily the problem, so much as the TRANSITION between the three positions. He gave a written diagnosis of "cramps", a prescription for Darvocet, and sent me on my way.
A day later I woke up in excrutiating PAIN, could hardly move my leg out of bed. The pain clearly radiated from my lower back to my ankle. Being away from home, I made an emergency appointment with my friend's chiropractor. It helped, but for a day or so after I walked around with a crooked spine, with the pain somewhat eased (this was the point at which I discovered that Ibuprofen, or Darvocet, or whatever was pretty much useless for this one).
I seemed ready to ride my bike to work two mornings later, but even doing it 'slow' seemed to set it off back in the wrong 'pain' direction (seemed to increase pain throughout my LEG (not so much my BACK), so I bummed a ride home since).
NO X-rays have been performed for this injury, be it a siatic (psiatc? how to spell that one?) nerve pinch (or anything else). When I get a 'referral' from the primary care doctor, should I set my sights on a Physical Therapist OR a Chiropractor FIRST (or for that matter, X-rays?)? Could one do a better job (better than attending emergency room physicians, anyway) at nailing down the root cause of the pain, and how to minimize it (by surgical options, IF it persists)?
As of Tue. morn 21 July MOST of the pain seems to be subsided, save a pain up and down my right lower calf,near the ankle, on the outside of my right lower leg (this during and after sleep). It seems only to get better after putting on 'comfort' tennis shoes. The key idea from me is, 'aggressive' therapy. Can any HMO doc say, 'aggressive' therapy? :rolleyes: Or should I say, "Give up leg cycling, get a local anesthetic, cut off my own leg :eek: , and pedal a cycle with my HANDS"?

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