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Hi Mo!

I've had 4 injections thus far - and am going for the 5th on Tuesday, 8/12.

Here's my take on them.

1st 2 were Right Transforaminal. I was more sore after 1st one than 2nd. Neither helped at all.

3rd was lumbosacral epidural. That numbed my tailbone for about 2 days. Then, return to pain.

4th was a Caudal Epidural Injection - ordered bcuz xray showed displaced coccyx. This has Definitely helped me. I am able to sit for longer periods of time. On Tuesday, I will have the same thing.

I just wish I'd questioned the thinking about having the 2nd one done. It was exactly the same as the first one which Didn't work. They should have tried something different, in my opinion. All they did was waste time, money and pumped more steroid in me for no good reason.

If I were you, I'd ask about the 2nd one. Why would you want another procedure done if the first didn't help at all? I thought that I'd read if the first one helps a little....your chances for the 2nd one helping increases. But, if the 1st doesn't help at all...stands to reason in my mind that the 2nd won't do any good either. Just ask. Can't hurt, right? Maybe they'll move the place and you'll see some improvement! :)

Good luck! [img][/img]


9/22/00 24 hour labor, baby posterior, left tailbone killing me
12/00 MRI -normal-but pain still-began taking vicodin
2/8/02 - 2nd baby born - Csection-healthy girl
2000-11/02 various PT + pain meds
11/02 Referred to Neuro
3/03 NEW MRI - slight bulge L3-L4, DDD, neural foramen,Superior aspect S1 and L5 Nerve root involvement-Neuro Refers to PM for ESI's
(2 Rt Transforaminal,1 lumbosacral,3rd one numbed tailbone little
5/9 - Discogram - shows Tear L4 w/ significant leak onto nerves, DDD
Performing doc oversedated, False Negative
7/8- Dept Head ClCl consult
7/28 - ClevelClinic for Facet Injection, changed to Caudal Epidural after seeing xray of displaced coccyx;also,coccygeal manipulation
8/12 - sched for 2nd Caudal & manipulation


First post!

I have had 2 injections, 1st one was outstanding success for 2 weeks only. Next one made no diff at all. Both were performed under an MRI scan to get the needle in exactly the right place. 2nd injection was increased by 50%, absolutely no relief.

Decided on a Micrdiscectomy or an artificial disc replacement (available in Australia).


Male 38 110Kg 1.82cm Overweight by 25Kg Unfit. Sydney, Australia
Life long lower back pain only 2-3 times a year immobbile for 2-3 days, no diagnosis.
Jun 2002 Severe Pain lower back & right Hip did not go away as had done before.
Jul 2002 Pain slowly spread down right Leg
Nov 2002 -Mar 2003 Physio - mild Relief
Apr 2003 - Now in constant sciatic pain and walking like a banana. Ca only walk for 2-3 minutes, mist sit or lie only on left side.
June 2003 MRI scan reveals severe disc bulge L5, other lumbar discs dark in scan indication low hydration.
Jun 2003 MRI guided Epidural steroid injection, next day complete pain relief, only lasted 2 weeks.
July 2003 MRI guided Epidural steroid injection, no relief at all
Aug 2003 Severe sciatica, numb & burning lower right leg
Aug 2003 MRI confirms bulge has worsened. Ca no longer sit, stand, lie or do any bloody thing, start to take any pain killers offered.
Aug 2003 - Trying to find a recommended surgeon proves very difficult, enlist all of my doctor friends to hunt a good one down and try to get an emergency procedure.
7 Aug 2003 - Admitted to a highly recommended Sydney hospital for pain management whilst awaiting a surgeon to be found.
8 Aug 2003 - Found a great surgeon who has been performing artificial disc replacements, a top quality surgeon. H agrees to perform a Micrdiscectomy to remove bulge.
12 Aug 2003 Micrdiscectomy removes bulge along with misc disc fragments lying around - All pain gone! Now recovering! Slight numb under right big toe. Walking easily, straightening up, feeling very hopeful!
14 Aug 2003 - At home, getting on with normal life, no pain or drugs, no sitting or bending, walking 30-60 min per day.

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