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I was recently diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in my lower back (L4-5 & L5-S1). I have been tested for everything from Lyme disease to Multiple Sclerosis and I am still not convinced that all my symptoms stem from this. Anyone with DDD or disc herniations (as I also have), please tell me of your symptoms.

Besides the lower back/pelvic pain and sciatica pain down to my ankle, I also have muscle spasms in thigh and in side, burning sensations or feeling "heat" in my thigh and back/buttocks, tingling in my feet and other areas, pain behind my knees, aching shins, pulling/stretching in calves, nausea, diarrhea, vertigo, neck pain/stiffness, sore on inside of elbows, tender points that hurt to touch but have no mark or bruise or bump, etc.

I would be very interested in hearing anyone's symptoms.

Renee :angel:

1982 Fusion surgery for scoliosis with stainless steel Harrington Rod (T5 - L3) using pelvic bone for grafting
1999 Neck problems began
2001 Cervical Kyphosis
2002 Diagnosed with Epstein-Barr (level was 7+) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
2003 3 Herniated Cervical Discs - C4 thru C7. One disc (C5-6) pressing on the spinal cord (no nerve root compression) causing leg weakness, tingling, burning and numbness - diagnosed with myelopathy and ACDF recommended.
2/24/03 One-Level Anterior Cervical Discectomy with donor bone and titanium plate (C5-6)
Post 2/03 - Symptoms returned and worsening. Weakness in my legs is like walking against a 50 mph wind - pain in lower back and all the way down my right leg to the ankle - vertigo, muscle spasms in trunk and legs
7/03 EEG, BAERS and MRI of brain all normal
7/03 MRI of lumbar spine showed mild herniated disc (L4/5) with moderate to severe DDD and edema in the endplates. HOLDING OUT FOR ARTIFICIAL DISC REPLACEMENT!

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