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Hi All.....

BLUEBRUSH2 -- Replacement Costs?!? Wow...that is pretty cool. And 85% of salary for lost wages? Wow, that's better than our 80%. I would imagine your cost of living is faaaaar less than ours is in the Bay Area too....MI, is that Michigan? hehe We are moving, but maybe I should think about another state (just kidding).

California laughs at you if you ask for those kinds of things too ($20/day for someone to help with laundry, cleaning & cooking.....and ESPECIALLY if it's for a family member)! That is ONE rule that is quite clear. Family members do not count for ANYTHING when it comes to reimbursement for funds.

Our system will pay for things like lift chairs and memberships to the Y. There may even be cases where they'll pay (up to $$ a day) for assisted care--only for a hired professional if one is 100% disabled, or something like that. I don't like being on W/C, but all in all...they've been OK as long as I ride my lawyers tail to ride theirs. :D hehe

To VPG: May I make a suggestion for you? You are in the dark times right now. Might I suggest you go through your photo albums (or your photos) and pick out your most favorite pictures of you when you were at your most healthiest and (possibly?) happiest. Remember those times and how they felt. Now....How can you get there again? There will be some signs of aging and injuries....but you CAN get back to life again.

Thank God the trees are OUTSIDE and not right next to you in the With animals, you prolly wish you could just pick up after them a little more (like every day)...right? You can. Get some reachers/grabbers and stop bending. Then get yourself a carpet sweeper (I SWEAR by mine) and sweep to your little heart's content. Get your spouse to vacuum bi-weekly or once a month for the deep dirt. Once you have mastered this art (keep a broom under your arm for corner cleaning) -- I guarantee your whole outlook will change. If your home is liveable (for your standards where you say "this is OK, I can live with this") then you will have cleared away your own cobwebs in your head so you can start thinking about your and your family's future again.

I too, was the main bread winner in my family (I made 2.5 times that of my hubby). Believe me....we have gone through some major, MAJOR life-changes here. I utilized the time while in my "Dark Time" to introspect. Remember who I was and where I came from, what I wanted for my life and my family's life, and if I were not able to return to my past life....what would I like my NEW life to be like? It became a VERY exciting and a VERY plausible dream. A new future. One that I could choose on my own (as long as it fit the criteria of what I could and couldn't do) hehe, oh well, nothings perfect. [img][/img]

I put all my pictures into albums and made copies for other family members (including my hubby's side). I also made a video of the best of pictures put with music (like my Dad's nickname was Bubbles and his work pictures were to the tune of "Tiny Bubbles"....etc.). I did all of this BEFORE surgery...while laying in bed. Lots of lots and LOTS of reading. And then more reading still. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about......(you fill in the blank here). Finish off that project that is now prolly in a box in the closet. THIS is how you can utilize that time and start feeling useful again. Complete projects. It gives you that "I am doing SOMETHING" feeling, and you haven't had that feeling for quite a long

I hope I've given you something to think about VPG, good luck to you and remember "chin up" -- because it physically lifts your spirits when you hold your head up (it allows more light to enter your eyes which in turn brings your energy level up.) :)

Oct 2000: Repetitive Stress Injury-Inverted Hernia
Feb 2001: MRI. Shows only slight bulge at L4-L5
Dec 2001: Discogram/CT scan shows Inverted Hernia at L5-S1. L4-L5 & L5-S1 ruptured in all 4 quadrants. Unable to walk.
Feb 2002: IDET, Nucleoplasty, Intra-Discal Injections
Sept 2002: Rated in the top 10% for successful patients. Retraining for new career.

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