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I'm not a doctor, and you might consider calling yours, but when I had lower back surgery I had leg pain for quite a while after. It can take quite a while for the nerves to settle down and behave themselves. I know it is hard to be patient but that is what is needed during recovery!
thanks josephine.......was sure myself that was the case with the nerves de-commpressing them selves and that it takes time to heal
lol....the pain in my left leg is far worse than what it was before surgery but a lot of it stems (i think) from my 15 min walk yesterday in the garden from which i thought i was going to pass out from the pain....i can hardly stand straight and left leg only lifts a small amount....least i can walk and will hopefully get much better over the coming weeks
just have to make sure now that work doesnt try and get me back to early!
:wave: Hi Stevie,

Sorry that you are still having pain. Are you in as much pain as you were before surgery, or is the pain just in the same general area?

Being 4 days post op you need take shorter walks several times a day. Take it very slow so you do not take a fall and DO NOT push through the pain. If you are in pain stop walking. This is the reason that I walked very close to my house. Taking laps up and down my street allowed me to stop when my body told me to.

PT is a very good thing as long as it it not very painful.

Good luck

hiya mark......the pains in my left leg/buttock area are worse than before surgery but then i dont know if the disc being welded completely to the nerve masked some of that pain before surgery
had a walk round my garden again today and after 15 mins i was sore in the left leg and lower back and had to stop.....left leg throbbed and lower right back felt like it was rubbing hard against a knotted lump!
after walking/standing for a short while i still get very feels like the whole body is shaking much like what you get when working out and you suddenly need sugar!
also feel sickly tho i think thats down to the pills.....dihydrocodeine
I would be careful about doing too much. I would back off a bit. Maybe do shorter walks. It probably wouldn't hurt to ask the doctors about your pain and maybe they could give you some guidelines on how much you should be doing.

Do they have you in any sort of physical therapy program? After my surgeries I had PT working with me when I was still in the hospital bed.

I would take it easy and not push yourself too much with your walking.

Hope everything works out for you and keep us posted on your progress.

Being that the disc was "welded" to your nerve I would expect that you will be in pain for some time after surgery. Anytime they have to work around the nerves it will tick it off (the nerve).

Take it easy....your body is pleading with you to slow down.


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