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Aug 24, 2003

I am 6 weeks post op from a micro-d at L45, an post op MRI 2 weeks ago was normal. For the last couple of days my my two smaller toes on my left foot are going numb and I have some vibrating and the sciatic pain in my butt. After surgery I really only had burning in the legs. Has anyone had this happen to them? Where you were feeling somewhat good after surgery, then bad again? And did you get better again?

Please respond


[*] 27 years old computer programmer
[*] April 1996 - Bulging L4/L5 disk from car accident.
[*] October 2002 - Low back pain and pain in left leg.
[*] October 2002 - See chiropractor with minimal relief.
[*] November 2002 - MRI shows L4/L5 moderate disk herniation (left and center)
[*] January 2003 - Try PT for a couple of weeks some relief until chiropractor visit.
[*] February 2003 - Chiropractor does traction, resulting in first instance of numbness in foot.
[*] Late February 2003 and still going - New Physical Therapist, not much relief yet...
[*] March 2003 - Very light pain in right leg in addition to left, EMG suggests nerve damage/irritaion in both legs.
[*] March 2003 - Second MRI shows L4/L5 moderate disk herniation (left and center), slightly larger
[*] April 3, 2003 - Epidural Injection, slight pain relief, more tingling in left leg and right.
[*] April 17, 2003 - Going for second epidural injection.
[*] April 22,2003 - Feeling some relief, started doing exersices from the McKenzie book.
[*] May 1, 2003 - Third epidural injection
[*] May 7, 2003 - Still in pain, less numbness and tingling
[*] June 21, 2003 - Fell in the house, ten times worse.
[*] July 14, 2003 - Had laminectomy / micro-discectomy, decompression of nerves on both sides all done from the left side.
[*] July 23, 2003 - Lots of burning in both legs.
August 8, 2003 - Still feel like crap, PT makes me feel worse.

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to Johnny13ravo:

I have had the same situation happen to me. First feeling good, although some weakness in my leg for about 6 days after surgery, then the burning pain down my leg, even more weakness and numbness. I had my surgery in early June. I'm beginning to feel slightly better, but this whole situation has been so horrible. I am particularly interested in where you had your surgery and what was the explanations given to you after the surgery, etc. We should talk more. ricebird

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