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Pain patch????
Jul 25, 2004
:confused: i don't know if i'm remembering correctly but i think i heard from someone about a patch you can wear to give you relief from pain. do they use anything like that for back problems? i'm going back to my doctor wednesday (orthopedic doctor) and i'm going to lay it on the line: i need to know my options. i've had 3 epidurals and am no better than i was before i got my 1st one. i've posted before asking if anyone had info on vax d. i can tell my back is getting worse. used to be on the right side only, now it's hurting occassionally on the left plus a new kind of pain - like a muscle pulling when i bend over. if i didn't have to work i would be fine but i MUST work (i'm a waitress). i want to steer clear of surgery if at all possible. he has me taking 2 aricept daily (if needed). they really only help at night when i'm relaxed and doing nothing. about an hour or two into my shift at work i'm really hurting....horrible pinching in my butt, burning down leg, throbbing at times in the shin, and now it's even bothering my ankle. i just hope there might be an option other than surgery for me at this time.

any info on this "pain patch" thing so i might mention it to him?


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