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Hi there, just to let you know, im new to this board.
i too have the same sort of issues as you....heres my story.
i have had about a1 year history of right sided hip pain that was worse in the mornings or if i sat for a long time. i really thought nothing of it and was always able to stretch it out.
Then about 2 months ago it became increasingly worse to where i could hardly walk and the only comfortable position was on my back. i went to the er(where i also work as a nurse) and got a ct scan done that day and it showed a l5s1 bilateraleral disc herniation impinging on the right s1 nerve root---hence the horrifiying pain shooting down my leg.
I got referred to the spinal outpatient clinic but not for 4 more weeks. I spent three of those weeks in almost constant pain. i would wake up each morning and hope the it would have decreased somewhat but it was always worse.
I did however come up with a pretty good morning routine but it does take time.(when your off work tou have all the time in the world)I would get out of bed and walk around as much as i could tolerate, then i would lay back down for ten more minutes and get up and walk around a little more, eventualy the pain would decrease enough to at least me upright for part of the day.
When i went to see the spine doctor he gave me 3 choices.1.wait it out 2 . have a selective nerve root block or 3. have a laminectomy which he said i could have done that week if i wanted too.
1 week ago i had the snrb , but also i started mackenzie technique excersizes with my physio and in just one week what a difference. my sciatic pain is gone, i only now have localized back pain.
i try to avoid all forward flexion because that aggravates the pain and also i try to walk alot.
i hate pain killers because they make me tired and constipated. i am so much happier now having these ecxersizes that decrease the pain. I feel like it gives me some control.
Sorry about the rambling but maybe it can help you out a bit.
[QUOTE=Sara5678]Hi "I want to Heal,"
Thank you, too, for your reply. I hope you get some relief soon. I am hoping the McKenzie Method PT will help. I hear good things about it. My worst pain started down the leg in May and I have been miserable since then. The leg pain is also, worse than the back pain for me. It sure helps to hear from everyone.[/QUOTE]

Sara, my worst pain was in my knee, it came around my hip, down the outside of my thigh & to my knee. My knee burned constantly, was swollen & inflamed. Laying around was not the answer, moving, doing the McK exercises is what helped my disc problem. Five years later & I still haven't had to have surgery for it. They say once the pain starts moving closer to the back & away from the leg, you are starting to heal.

I also have a very hard time sitting with the sciatica. Most times I'm at the computer with an ice pack on my back. Lately, due to PT I can sit without the ice pack, but sitting is definitely the worst for the lower back pain.

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