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I am about 6 and a half weeks post op and I still feel like crap. My legs are always burning and my sciatica is killing me. We should all start a rock band and call it "sciatica".

[*] 27 years old computer programmer
[*] April 1996 - Bulging L4/L5 disk from car accident.
[*] October 2002 - Low back pain and pain in left leg.
[*] October 2002 - See chiropractor with minimal relief.
[*] November 2002 - MRI shows L4/L5 moderate disk herniation (left and center)
[*] January 2003 - Try PT for a couple of weeks some relief until chiropractor visit.
[*] February 2003 - Chiropractor does traction, resulting in first instance of numbness in foot.
[*] Late February 2003 and still going - New Physical Therapist, not much relief yet...
[*] March 2003 - Very light pain in right leg in addition to left, EMG suggests nerve damage/irritaion in both legs.
[*] March 2003 - Second MRI shows L4/L5 moderate disk herniation (left and center), slightly larger
[*] April 3, 2003 - Epidural Injection, slight pain relief, more tingling in left leg and right.
[*] April 17, 2003 - Going for second epidural injection.
[*] April 22,2003 - Feeling some relief, started doing exersices from the McKenzie book.
[*] May 1, 2003 - Third epidural injection
[*] May 7, 2003 - Still in pain, less numbness and tingling
[*] June 21, 2003 - Fell in the house, ten times worse.
[*] July 14, 2003 - Had laminectomy / micro-discectomy, decompression of nerves on both sides all done from the left side.
[*] July 23, 2003 - Lots of burning in both legs.
August 8, 2003 - Still feel like crap, PT makes me feel worse.

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