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Re: Back & Leg Pain
Jul 28, 2004
what kind of surgery did you have?(new here)
I have similar symptoms, mine was related to a bulging disc. I had surgery two years ago and am having returning symptons (my own fault more that likely due to my line of work). I would suggest an MRI. Could be something simple like a pulled muscle or soft tissue damage, but DON'T let a doc just give that as an answer. Make sure some kind of diagnostic testing is done-Again, MRI. I don't get that cramping feeling, but my leg muscles on the left side have been spasming (like I am overworking them)though I have not been to work in two weeks d/t a shoulder/neck muscle injury. I have most of my pain on the left side (pinching, burning, spasms, groin/leg/back pain, and tension headaches) and a painful area just to the left of where my surgery was (L5-S1). I know docs like to speculate, but don't let them.
Best wishes

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