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Jul 28, 2004
Hi, I am new here looking for others who feel my "pain". I am a nursing asst and had a low back injury in 2000. Two years went by and finally I had enough and made my doc give me an MRI. + for herniation-had a steroid inj-made it worse, and month later I had a partial discectomy ( Feb. 2002). For the most part I have been okay. I was in a minor car accident three months after the sx, and have been dealing with sciatica since. It comes a goes, as my doctor then said it would. BUT, I worked in a nursing home last year (nov 2002-feb2003) to get my CNA, and ended up quitting b/c I couldn't stand up straight, and was having immense pain. I saw a chiro. but didn't really help, the last visit with her I cried the whole way home (quite the nsg job the next day). I took a desk job that was horrible too, in different ways. I then moved with my husband to Nevada and was okay (moved Sept 2003). I really have been okay. I took a nsg job at a rehab hospital as a Certified Nursing Asst and had been doing just fine. But, about four months into the work I started having pain in my knees (hyperextended them both in HS, was a cheerleader). So, I deal with arthritis. A month after that my back pain started up again. I decided to try PT. It didn't really do much. Then I had a shoulder/neck muscle injury and have been out of work since July 14. I am seeing my doc tomorrow for a follow up-I use my arms and neck to take weight off my back so now my neck and back are in pain.
I have recurrent throbbing, pinching, burning, aching pain in my lumbar region, my buttocks, thighs, hips, groin, and my legs(though not shooting). I have tension headaches again and my abdomen is having pain. I have spasms in my back and leg muscles (and haven't worked in two weeks).
I guess I am on here to find out if anyone knows what direction I should take. I am going to ask my Doc for an MRI again, and if it is negative then I need to prepare to be a chronic pain patient (anyone have this?) if positive, do I go for a second surgery? I work with rehab pts and a lot of them are fusions and that scares me, I don't want to be disabled at 27 years of age. I was always so active in my years, an love nursing. I don't want to give up just yet! Any help, advise, suggestions would be great. I am wearing out my husband and family. No one wants to talk to me about anymore, and I am feeling very lonely.
Thank you,

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