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Sounds like you have really been thru it with PM. I can't believe how close your story is to mine. I have had a total of 5 spine surgeries, and opened up 2 other times for placement of a neuro stimulator implant. I moved back to Ohio from Florida last October and had been put on Methadone l0 pill 2 x day before I left Florida. It was working pretty well until I started having symptoms worsen in June. I had to find a PM doctor here and he was okay with giving me the Methadone. In June, the numbness in my feet from previous back surgeries worsened and I started tripping a lot and walking right out of my shoes that were open in the back. The pain in my right leg is so bad I don't sleep more than 2 hours without waking up and walking the floors. I went back to my PM doc and explained that something was wrong and how much pain I am in. I asked if I could have something for break thru mild just to carry me as the pain was so much worse now. He said no, and wanted to load me up with muscle relaxants and do injections into the nerves in my spine. I went to Cleveland Clinic 2 weeks ago to see my NS, and he says he thinks I have a pinched nerve in L2 and possibly L5-S1. I had 4 fusions done in 2000 at Cleveland Clinic from L-3 to the sacrum. He wants me to have an EMG and then depending on what the results a Myelogram and he wants to go in and release the nerve and fuse the L2. The pain seems to be getting worse every day, even when I am sitting down now, and I can't get the EMG done until November 6th and in the meantime aren't sleeping and in constant pain. So, I know what you mean. There are no other PM doctors in this area so I am stuck for now. I can't believe after 7 surgeries and medical records showing that I have never abused my medication, always took as directed, that this man can let me suffer the way I am. I am on such a low dose of Methadone, I just don't understand this man. I have to use a wheelchair just since June if I have to go anywhere that involves walking, because I can't stand on my leg for more than a few minutes without it going numb all the way to the foot and awful pain. Do you find that your pain is getting worse with time? I wasn't going to agree to more surgery, but I don't think I can live like this much longer, and don't want to be in a wheelchair full time if I let the nerve die off. Glad you got your meds to get you comfortable. Best of luck to you.

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