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Just wanted to share my pain management experience.
I was sent to a PM doctor for the 1st time this past May for lower back pain, pain in right leg, hip, numbness in right foot, weakness in right leg, and right side lower pelvic pain. The first visit I was required to sign a pain contract, which I did. Ended up waiting 4 hrs before being called back to the room, sat in rm for an addn'l 30 minutes, doctor finally comes in saying were sorry for the delay its not usually like this. He goes thru my history and examined me says that I have periformis syndrome, ilioinguinal neuralgia, and lumbar spondylosis. I thought he was an ok doc first impression but had some reservations. He sent me for water phy therapy, which provided no releif. He started me on duragesic patch and I had a major reaction, Could not breathe (I also have asthma)called pharmacy told me to remove patch immediately. Called doctor left message they finally returned my called 4 days later. went in for a office visit the doctor said he had a hard time understanding why the patch would cause me breathing problems. He gave me methadone and after about a week I started retaining lot of water and swelling, also had urinating problems. Called doctor took a wk for them to get back to me. Doctor said there were no other meds he could give me I suggested oxycontin and he went off saying I refuse to prescribe oxy I don't beleive in that medication. (I had been on the oxy from my family doc before going to him but she wasn't comfortable with the long term prescribing and referred me to pm doc). After 2 months of dealing with the methadone I took me husband to my next visit and he went off telling the doctor that this is crazy, my wife should not have to deal with these side effects. He finally gave in and gave me the oxy 20 mg every 12 hrs after me and my husband explaining how it worked before and never gave me any major side effects. I was also on neurontin 300 mg 5 a day which I feel does nothing for me. Over time my pain was getting worse and I called to see if I could get a breakthru med and the nurse said the doc said NO!! So I would just lay in bed crying all the time. I turely felt like no one cared. My husband called them and asked for if they could increase my dosage of the oxy and the nurse called back and said the doc said No!!. My husband called and demanded to speak with the pm doc and he did get on the phone, he told my husband he was too busy to be getting all these calls from us and that he was going to see if my family doc would take over care for me, as far as the meds he said he has never prescribed oxy for anyone and we should be thankful he gave it to me and he would not increase the dosage nor give me a breakthru med, but I could increase the nuerontin by 1 more pill a day. So I had to live with the pain. I started falling down, my right leg would just give out. My leg was so weak. I went in for my monthly visit and told the doc about this and he said he wanted me to get an emg he said the office would schedule it and call me. No changes in meds! After 2 wks no calls from the office for the emg appt, I called and they said they would let the nurse know and she would have to schedule the appt. Time for monthly appt still no emg, doctor comes in asks me how the emg went. I said what emg I still have not heard from your office for the appt. he said oh you haven't went yet, I told him no I haven't heard from YOUR OFFICE what a place to start a business!!!!! He didn't like my tone of voice, but I had had it at this point with him and his office.. He pulls out his cell phone and calls his nurse in front of us at his other office and she had already left for the day so he tells the person on the phone to leave a message to get Donna scheduled for an emg. He gives me prescriptions for oxy and nuerontin with no changes and sends us on our way. ANOTHER 2 wks goes by and no appt for emg I call and tell them I am not hanging up until I have an appt for an emg I am tired of falling (for no reason) and having all this pain in my leg. I am put on hold for 5 minutes and them a nurse gets on and I have to explain all the details she says she will call me back. The next day she calls with an appt, About a month ago I had decided to go to the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinoin and eventually find another pm doc. Wouldn't you know it the emg is scheduled for the same day I go to the Cleveland Clinic, so they had to call me back with another time for the emg. The nurse did call right back but I would have to go to a place thats an hour and half from my home because the regular place they use couldn't get me in for 4 wks. So I agreed to go to the place that could get me in right away. I finally get the emg and I was not expecting all the pain I got from that test, It was very painful. They tested my entire right leg and lower back area. They said my doctor would get the results the next day. which was Fri so I waited until Monday and called for the results, they said the nurse would call me. She called the next day and said "There is not anything that requires surgery and Dr.----- would like you to see our on staff psycologist and based upon his recommendation we may do an steroid injection in your lower back, So we will see you at your 8 wk ckup if you want to see the psycologist sooner then call and let us know and we will get that set up". It finally hit me, they think I am crazy. I wanted more info on the emg results so my husband called the doctors office that did the emg and talked with them they said they could give me the results if I wanted to make an appt to talk with the doc. So we made an appt for 3 days later. The appt went really good with this doc who did the emg, he is also a pm doc, sports medicine etc. We told him what the nurse at my docs office had said. He was appalled and said I needed injections immediately that I had a pinched nerve at L5 and had major nerve damage in my right leg which would explain why I was falling unexpectedly. This emg doc had just met my pm doc last wk and this doc wanted to get my pm docs emg referrals. I was the 1st referral he got from my pm doc. So here I am telling him how my doc is a jerk and my entire experience with him. He asked us what we would like him to do, he the emg doc said he would call my pm doc and in a round about way recommend that Donna get injections asap for the inflammation in the lower back. I told him no, but thanks I am not going back to my pm doc. this is it I'm thru with his crap. The emg doc said Donna I would be willing to help you as a pm doc if you would like, I can't stand seeing someone in pain with problems like you have. I said I would love to have your help I can't take anymore..... He asked me if I signed a contract with the pm doc I said yes, then asked what exactly I was taking for pain and so on. We ended up spending an hour and a half with this doctor (we were the last appt that day). He changed my meds gave me oxy 40mg every 12. percocet for breakthru, kept my nuerontin at the same dose and elavil to help me sleep at night. I am scheduled for steroid injection in 2 wks. I took the prescriptions I had from the old pm doc and wrote void on them, made copies and sent back to their office. I just wanted to share my experience(nightmare)with my pain management doctor.


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