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Hello :wave: April,

Welcome, I have read all your reply's and just wanted to add one more thing about the Elavil. I take that medication every night, and it was not prescribed for depression for me. Elavil also known as Amitriptlyline, is also used for nerve pain. Because of having chronic pain some people also develop insomnia. Elavil is also prescribed to help you sleep. When I first started taking it I had no pain relief. It takes a couple of weeks to work. My husband was also prescribed this for the tendonitis that he has in his arm. I realize it is also prescribed for depression but I have been taking it for a while and I guess these days I feel somewhat depressed. Also remember to never abruptly stop taking a medication that has been in your system for a while, unless instructed by your doctor.

Have you found out what type of surgery that you are having?

I do wish you the best of luck....

Lumbar MRI 10/02
Lumbar Lordosis
L5-S1 disc herniation with moderate thecal sac deformity.
L4-5 disc desiccation with bulge which results in mild thecal sac deformity and mild bilateral foraminal stenosis.
L2-3 disc desiccation with Schmorl’s nodule of L3.
Lumbar Epidural 1/30/03
Lumbar Epidural 2/12/03
Lumbar Epidural 2/26/03
Lumbar Discogram 5/23/03
Lumbar CatScan 5/23/03
[b]Posterior Fusion & Infuse on L4,L5,S1 6/30/03[/b]
Cervical MRI 10/02
Loss of cervical lordosis with reversal of the curvature.
C4-5 and C6-7 disc bulges resulting in flattening of the ventral margin of the cord.
C5-6 there is a left foraminal herniation which results in moderate foraminal stenosis In addition, there is flattening of the ventral margin of the cord due to bulging disc.
Cervical Epidural 5/19/03

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