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Hello, im about to undergo a L3, L4 & L5 With decompresion operation what does the decompresion bit mean ? im a bit confused and very scared what do they do ? I hope you recover soon because i know it can be a long recovery. I have already had one operation on L5 S1 and ended up with a right foot drop and i hope nothing goes wrong this time.

I am a 24yr old college student and I have a grade 4 spondylothesis. I will be having surgery on the 23rd of October on my back, fusing my L3, L4, L5 and sacrum. Then I will have a second surgery fusing my sacrum to my illium and then putting a cadaver bone in there some where, 5 days later. they tell me that i will not be fully recovered for one year. I will have to move home after the surgery which is 11hrs away. I wanted to know how bad the pain is when you travel. Would it be better to fly? If anyone has any ideas on how to get thew the recovery eaisier please let me know.

Thank you,


Hi Bagel,

I am new to this website and would like to say hello to everyone who has Spondylolisthesis. I have grade four spondylolisthesis (85% slippage) and had the same surgery as what you are having back in 1991, when I was 15. I am currently 27 and still suffer from pain on a daily basis, depending on what activities I do. But with daily exercise, pain killers I can lead a somewhat normal life. I believe as long as you stay positive (the best you can), you can deal with whatever cards life deals you. I believe throughout all of what I have gone through it has definately made me stronger.

I hope your surgery went well and I'm interested to hear about your progress.

Take care


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