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Hello all.
I have recently been diagnosed with, well.....NOTHING. BUT, the pain is STILL THERE!
Pulled lower back muscles about 6 mos ago. Felt good for 3 mos. Went to doc-gave me 800mg Motrin, and sent me on my way. Went back to him 5-6 weeks later. The pain is worse. Tingling all over. Spine feels like it's throbbing constantly. Constantly hurt in shoulders, collarbones, and breastbone (bruised feeling). MRI revealed a SLIGHT herniated disk and a SLIGHTLY degenerated disk. My PHP said this would not cause the pain that I'm having. Mentioning a couple more probs (ringing/hurt ear, loose, hurting jaw) he diagnosed TMD. Now, he's sending me to an Osteopath.
Anyone here been in the same boat??? Can anyone shed some light on what to expect from the Osteo??
Thank you all so much for the responses in advanced. I know this is a short description, but, well......the back is sore sitting here. If you have questions, please ask.
Thanks again!

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