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I had a microdisectomy (L4/L5) on August 25th, and am still recovering. I felt great for about a week, then started doing a few little things. It didn't phase me at all. Then I picked up my 38# son. Now, it feels like I never even had the surgery done... :( How can I tell if I messed it up, and need another (gulp) surgery?

I have the same leg pain, back still hurts, etc.. I really hope I didn't mess it up. Could it be because I'm not taking it easy and it's just inflammed? Or could it have re-herniated?

Surgery went great, except for the IV part, which was the hard part! Anyway, first post. I'm a 28yo male, and not very active since I've been married, with 2 kids (no time).

Thanks for the help and any suggestions you may have!
I stumbled upon this forum and am interested in others situations. My husband had back surgery 3 months ago. He was in horrible pain before hand, so bad he could not even ride in a car or sit down at all. He has received a clean bill of health for his 3 month follow up, but the surgeon did remind us of his higher percentage to re-herniate.
My husband is extremely paranoid now, for good reason, and is worried about any left over pain he experiences. Most of it he is able to deal with, but the other day he had an ordeal. He was driving and tried to "adjust" by doing so he ended up twisting his lower back and his butt stayed still. Since then he has had back pain as well as now his leg and foot are hurting. He has said that it feels different than the leg pain that he felt since the surgery, and closer to what he felt before the surgery.
We are terrified that he could go through this again, and especially so soon after the first run. It only two weeks after his three month check up.
My question is has anyone had a significant difference, "pop", pain, or bad feeling after three months after their surgery. And if so what did it mean for you? Were you ok? Did you re-herniate? Is it common to be paranoid about every pain? As much as I have been here with him, I have not experienced it and do not understand his fear and pain. I would love to hear from someone who has been through this.

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