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Re: Back Fusion
Sep 17, 2003
Hello :wave: Ncs,

I would think with your calf and foot symptoms that you are probably having sciatica. I also have this as the herinated disc was compressing my nerve. That was the main reason why I agreed to my surgery. The nerve pain was becoming unbearable. I would trip a lot. My neuro told me that my nerve was being damaged and their was nothing more he could do except fusion surgery. Then he also explained that the longer I went without surgery the worse I would get. He said the longer the nerve is compressed and I also have stenosis, that their would be more of a chance of permanent nerve damage.

Okay, I needed the fusion surgery for both cervical and lumbar. My neuro had me pick which one to fix and they both are a mess. This was a very difficult decision for me. I had my fusion surgery on June 30. I still suffer with pain and I am having a difficult recovery. My pain levels have increased and I now suffer with pain in both legs and feet. This still does not mean that my surgery will not be a success. It takes anywhere from 3 months till a year to fuse. I suffered with back pain for 23 years because I did not have health insurance to get proper testing done. This may be a reason why my recovery has been difficult. I have no idea of knowing when the herniated disc actually started to compress the nerve. And I still have spinal stenosis along with lordosis and DDD. If my back does indeed fuse and my spine is stable then my fusion surgery will be considered a success.

I really wish you the best of luck when getting your MRI results. Please keep me posted.

Take Care

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