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I have upper to mid back pain and spasms, right where my Thoratic spine starts. Going to a chiropractor has helped me a lot!! It's made my pain much more manageable, especially because I didn't have insurance for awhile, so couldn't go a "regular" dr if you will. My chiro was nice enough to let me pay $20 per visit. I would say it's worth a try to see if you notice any difference. I felt better after my first adjustment. I haven't tried acupuncture, but chiro has definitely helped me.

4/02 started having mid/low back spasms when sitting down - no health ins
8/03 started seeing chiropractor w/o ins - felt improvement
4/03 developed Sciatica down both legs
6/03 finally changed jobs to get ins!!
9/03 have tendinitis in BOTH feet from standing so much
waiting to hear from dr about xrays and CT scan

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