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[QUOTE=RN Case Manager;114989]My 30 year old husband has had two L4-5 discectomies but continues with severe right leg pain that is unbearable. The neurosurgeon has recommended a spinal cord stimulator but the insurance company has denied it. Has anyone here ever had a spinal cord stimulator and what was their experience? Any ofther suggestions for the radicular pain would be appreciated.[/QUOTE]
I've had a SCS made by Boston Sceintific for 3 years. I went thru the trial phase which at the time felt better than my current state. I elected to go with the permanent one to treat my RSD. In my opinion it's the worse decision I've ever made. The rep who was on my case promised they'd always be a phone call away if I need some tweaking and programming. After the procedure was done I couldn't get them on the phone to do anything. In other words they promised the world and gave me nothing. I finally called the corporate office and got thru. The reps excuse was he was snowboarding 3,000 miles away and offered me an apology. The things they don't tell you are you can never have an MRI after you have the final procedure. My RSD pain level is at a constant 9, but on occasion I'm at a 7 on a scale of 1-10. The device is designed to mask your pain signals to your brain. My battery takes about 10 hours to charge once it's low. The charger burns my skin, and my nerves are getting immune to the SCS. I have asked for the Dr. to remove the device and they keep saying it's a program issue not a device issue. I'm tired of going in circles, so I've hired an attorney, so maybe that will get their attention. My quality of life has got worse and affected my job, sleep, relationships, and transportation privelages. You can't drive while the device is on, because it could cause your nerves to respond and kill yourself, someone else, or both. I'm not saying that you'll have the same issues I've experienced but thought you would like to know the pros and cons. I pray everyday for a miracle and will pray that you find a peaceful and painfree life.


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