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Re: Hi all!!!
Jun 5, 2003
Hi all, thanks for the help!! What exactly do you mean IT'S NORMAL though?? To me normal is no pain, swelling or anything LOL!! say your dr calls it normal nerve infringement issues? Why is it that my family dr says this problem can't have anything to do with my back? Maybe I was right in the first place and he just don't care or can't be bothered to help me with anything!! He's always given me the feeling like he thinks I'm just some kind of paranoid person that just imagines problems with her body. Before my accident he only seen me once a yr for my physical though, so I don't understand this. Since my accident, I've come to him on every symptom and had to ask for testing. The tests show herniated discs, DDD and DJD, yet he acts like I'm making it up and all my problems can't be related to my back. Yet any research shows my symptoms would be a result from my back injury. He did admit once though that I had sciatica, so why wouldn't he say this swelling was from my back? I don't know, sorry for the rambling, I'm just so confused and worried about my ankles, feet and legs. Especially when I can't even get my dr to care! I'm really starting to worry 'cause this swelling has been here for 2wks now and yesturday and today I can feel it moving up my calfs and it's in both feet (left being worse) and toes. meds are working ok! Like all meds, it don't take it all away but it certainly makes things bareable! Now I just need to get this swelling undercontrol!! I can't even flex my ankles or toes 'cause it's so bad! I'm going in to see my family dr again today and this time he's going to look at the swelling, instead of brushing me off! If I don't get anywhere with him, I'm going to a walk-in clinic 'cause there's definitely something wrong!

Thank you all for caring so much, you have no idea how much it means to me! I only wish one of you were my dr! Take care!!

your friend, out2lunch

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