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Hi Everyone, :wave:

Was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same kind of pain I am having.... I am now 2 months and 3 days post op discectomy/laminectomy of L5-S1.....about a month after my surgery I began to have pain again.... alot of pain in my lower back, very sore around my insision area... and outwards on boths sides of it...up into my upper back and down into my hips.... also am having pain in my legs... it is a burning type of pain.. feels like my legs are on fire in spots.. :confused: and also have a killer sharp stabbing pain that shoots out the bottom of my right foot, and also out the ends of my toes...sometimes I will have the pain in my buttocks but not all the before surgery...if I sneeze or cough it feels like someone is ripping my spine in my lower back out and sends a stabbing pain down my leg....this is all a different type of pain then before I had my surgery.... If anyone has experienced the burning on fire type pain... please respond... I go back next week for another MRI... but just curious if anyone else has experienced this.

Thanks All...

Hi Girls,
I also had that terrible burning leg pain. my neuro gave me neurontin, boy it made a big difference. but I didnt realize (found out later) that I was forming scar tissue, but that was 6 months after a 2 level fusion. not sure if that makes it different. anyway I was told that I should have been in pt to limit the amount of scar tissue that builds. I would ask the dr. about the neurontin and if this could be scar tissue forming. just a few ? for you to think about if the mri comes back ok.
remember alot of back issues dont show on mri's like facet joint problems, SI joint insability. so a ok mri doesn't always mean everything is ok. listen to your body not your dr. jmo
good luck

and ask away that is how we learn. god knows we dont learn from the 3 min. in the surgeons office!

This is gauthier1014;I am one of us out there also that's going through the same thing.I have been like this for 5yrs.,getting ready to go thru 4th surgery.I know what you feel like sometimes it's like being struck by lighting feeilng.The same stabbing feelings,same ripping in the back,burning in my left leg all the way down.Not to make it sound grat are anything like that but,YEAH!!!!There is someone else out there that is going thru the same thing I am.All we can do is hope and pray that one day it does get better in the meantime we just try and stay sane.

Not alone Joan
I too had that burning pain in my leg after surgery. What my Dr did was an injection of lidocaine and marcaine. The put it in teh calf first, then that made part of the burining go away so when I went back they injected lower, and finally at the last visit they injected in teh areas I still had the burning sensation, (to me it felt like I had gotten hot grease on my foot and leg, like when you're cooking and spatter yourself). Then I went to pain medicine and the pain Dr could not understand how the injections madfe it stop, but the ortho Dr said he was injecting along the nerve and interrupting the pain cycle. Thank goodness that worked for the burning. One thing that really did help until the injections, now this might sound weird, but I read it in the newspaper and tried it and it really did help. The article was by someone who had shingle nerve pain. Anyway you rub the area with Listerine. I figured what the heck did I have to lose, I was using caspacian already and it wasn't working. We had Listerine in the bathroom anyway. When I told the Dr. he said it made sense because the ingredients in Listerine are like a topical anesthetic. It never took the pain away for good, but it was a good relief for temorary. After all the shots I was so glad the pain was gone. I only had some residual effects that I got an epidural steroid injection for and the only thing I have a problem now is trying to get off of the methadone.

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