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Well, back in 2000 I weighed 245 lbs and I'm a 5'4" woman. I never had a back problem at all when I was that heavy. Mine started as I was dieting and exercising every day, I was about 180 or so when this started. Now I'm at 165, which is still over weight, but at this point the weight is NOT going to come off until my back is "fixed".

I'm like you, I stand all the time since I can't sit and now I have major feet problems as well. Dr told me to stop with the exercise and let my foot and back rest. I'm sure weight loss would help since extra weight does cause more strain on your back, but being in so much pain doesn't really want to make me pull out my Nikes and do a Tabeo tape, ya know?

One of the main reasons I didn't want to go to a dr at all about this when it first started was weight lectures. Luckily, my primary care dr is very nice and hasn't mentioned it to me. My chiro suggested doing a lot of crunches which he said are "safe" for your back.

4/02 started having mid/low back spasms when sitting down - no health ins
8/03 started seeing chiropractor w/o ins - felt improvement
4/03 developed Sciatica down both legs
6/03 finally changed jobs to get ins!!
9/03 have tendinitis in BOTH feet from standing so much
waiting to hear from dr about xrays and CT scan

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