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hello fellow spondy's
Ive had my spondylolisthesis for at least 25 years - its still a 1st grade - in fact comparing old xray to new mri there has been no further slippage - & i've gone through 2 pregnancies & had 2 large babies with no problems
Now - finally ! I'm beginning to have nerve pain in my feet probably from pressure in the area where I have 'moderate bilateral neural foraminal narrowing'
As you can see from my signature I'm still in the process of trying alternatives before surgery - but just wanted to let you all know that if you keep your abs & back muscles strong with the right exercises further slippage isn't inevitable
welcome to this board - you'll learn a lot

Spondylolisthesis for over 25 years without pain symptoms
Leg aching started 12/02 & burning feet pain in 7/03 finally diagnosed as pressure on nerves at L5 & S1 on 9/8/03
Scheduled to have 2 Epidurals & Myelogram
Provisional surgery date 11/11/03

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