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Hi Lindsey :wave:

You sound like my twin! ;) I have a 3 yr old & 20 mo old. (bd's are 9/22/00 and 2/8/02). Anyway...birth of first was 23-1/2 hr labor - she was posterior and That's when my pain started in my tailbone.

I also went thru the whole PT thing. After 1st child, during 2nd preg, etc etc. MRI in 12/00 which was normal, and several xrays. Up until I was finally sent to NS late last year. He saw slight bulge @ L4-L5 but it wasn't significant for him to go 'digging after' - he sent me to Pain Management to have Epidural Steroid Injections.

Throughout this time, my tailbone pain began to migrate to low back and right hip. Please see my sig for dates & tests.

My whole point is - my tailbone was also displaced. Curled WAY forward (no wonder my pubic bone was tender all the time! :eek: I just thought this was normal after childbirth!) There had never been an xray of coccyx til recently! The treatment I got was Caudal Epidural Injection (1st hurt like crazy due to inflammation, but helped me Greatly!!!) I had two of those and ~ this isn't pretty ~ two coccygeal manipulations. I agreed to have my PM Doc do these as I trust him and also, would do anything to help my pain. The manip wasn't bad - uncomfortable, but - he said it moved wonderfully! That is now least of my trouble since I have tear/fissure in my L4-L5 as confirmed by discogram.

My advice w/b to listen to your body. Insist on further tests. Don't take no for an answer. Find out what is causing this pain. It is NOT in your head! [img][/img] I can totally relate to you w/ the kids. My oldest will say 'what's wrong Momma?' when she sees my face twisted in pain! Do what you have to to get the life you deserve. It may take awhile, but it will be worth it!

If I had listened to the doc who did 1st disco, I don't know where I'd be. You can search on my name for recent dates as there's a bunch of info that may help you.

Look forward to hearing from you Lindsey. If there's anything I can help w/ so that you don't go thru more than necessary, I will be so happy to help! [img][/img]


9/00 24 hour labor, baby post,tailbone hurts
12/00 MRI -normal,still hurt - begin vicodin
2/8/02 2nd girl,C-Sec
'00-'02 PT + meds
11/02 Referred to Neuro
3/03 MRI bulge L3-L4, neural foramen,Sup aspect S1 and L5 Nerve root involvement-Neuro Refers to PM
3 ESI's - little help
5/9 - Discogram - Tear L4 Oversedated, False Negative
PMDoc wants consult
7/8- Dept Head ClCl cnslt-order Coccyx Xray
Displaced Coccyx
7/28 Caudal Epidural xray & coccygeal manip
8/12 - 2nd caudal inj
8/14 -coccyx manip AGAIN
9/25 ReEval @ Clinic 10/6 Discogram Positive L4-L5 fissure
Scheduling Nucleoplasty & Decompression

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