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Hi All :wave:
wELL i FINALLY HAD THE TEMP. SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR put in yesterday. To all those who may be contemplating this procedure as it would be a last attempt at being normal again, the procedure wasnt bad at all.
The pain part was only some discomfort, you are fully awake for this, your back area is numbed and 2 lead wires are threaded into the spinal colum, around T1 I think, and the people from Medtronic are in OR with the Doc, after the leads are in place you are hooked up to the battery pack and then they go through a bunch of testing to find the right frequency, long story short, so far so good, I dont have complete relief but enough for me to notice which I havent felt in 2 years :D
I go back this friday to have the temp. one removed and then discuss if the perm. one is good for me. I am praying so hard that each day with this thing brings me a little more relief every day, so far I am pleased with the results, so if anyone has been offered the stimulator, as a last hope of some pain releif and normalacy I say take it [img][/img]
well thats my story, hope the info has helped any more questions just post and I will answer the best I can, have a GOOD day to you all [img][/img]

laminectomy 1999
discectomy 2001
spinal fusion L5S1 2002
partial hardware removal
chronic back pain
failed back syndrome
right leg and foot numbness, loss of sensation, burning pain

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