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Hello Etoile, HNPat, Nucleogirl & Christina, :wave:

Thank you for responding to all my questions :)

Etoile: I have tried going for walks, but my leg is very weak and sometimes gives out on me. I have gained about 20lbs since this started. I see that you have had back pain for two years..don't know if I could have handled that. I am glad to see that you are now pain free! CONGRADULATIONS to you! When you had your diskogram, were you awake the whole time? I wasn't able to communicate anything to my doctor.I don't remember any sensations or any pain. I don't recall the doctor asking me any questions.. all I remember is waking up and thinking to that was quick and it didn't even hurt like I thought it would.As far as my meds, you made a great point..I will probably need less once I get my pain under control. I need to start thinking positive! As far as the IDET surgery.. I have not heard anything good about it and the recovery time...scares me. I have read that some people are worst then before the surgery.Hopefully my doctor will stick with the Nucleoplasty surgery that he suggested.

HNP: Thank you so much for the information and the link that you provided. It was very helpful. Also ..thank you for the welcome! Did your leg pain come from the herniation or the tear? Would I be a good canidate for a microdisectomy? It seems as though everyone that has had that surgery done, gets better and recovers quickly.If this is an option for me, I would prefer to have that done. How can I find out if that is the surgery for me? Have you had the surgery yet, or is it in a couple of days?

Thanks for the info on the epidural with fluoroscope. Is this the same as a regular epidural? If it is, why didn't I have the fluoroscope with the first epidural?I am sorry to hear that the steroids did not help you,.. but I am glad to see that that you are doing well from your surgery!When you said that after the surgery I should expect to be out of commission, how long are we talking? Also, are you still taking pain medication or are you out of pain completley?I will keep my fingers crossed for you, and please keep posting. :D

Thank you for sharing your experience. I too thought it was all in my head when the test all came back normal. I was beginning to think that my own doctor didn't believe me! I kept repeating to my doctor....I just don't understand how I can be in this much pain, and nobody can find anything wrong with me! I know this sounds crazy, but I am actually relieved that they found something because now I can hopefully get it fixed! I am actually excited about getting surgery because I think after 11 months, I am not going to get better. As far as my quality of life, it really stinks right now! I know my husband is sick of hearing me complain but it is all I think about. I can't get use to not having a normal life and doing the things I use to do. I was very active, but not anymore.I am sorry to hear that your pain has returned :( When you say their is no option for you, do you mean they won't do surgery, or you won't have surgery? I use to say to friends of mine that had back problems "I would never let a doctor cut me" well....I changed my mind! I can't handle the pain anymore and I have had enough.I hope everthing works out for you and you get your miracle. :angel:

Ps. I live right outside of Philadelphia in Delaware County. I am 15 mins from Philly. Where do you live at?

Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I woke up yesterday morning and felt like I had just got done riding a horse! My pelvic bone was sore and achy, and I couldn't put all my weight on my feet. I slept on a heating pad last night and it feels better today. I still have some of the pain, but most of it is gone. What scared me the most was...I was very numb in that area! Anyone ever had that happen to them?

[img][/img] Brenda

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