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Hello :wave: Camelia,

Prior to my surgery I had chronic back pain. I had pain in the right buttock area and it was a very sharp pain. I had pain all the way down the back of my right leg and my two little toes. I had the sciatica severely and I was tripping all the time. After I had my discogram I had begun to use a quad cane and was dragging my leg and could barely walk at any distance. The pain kept me up for many hours during the night and the pain meds weren't working as well. This all was from only one disc. Occasionally my back would go completely out and it basically crippled me from the other disc. The last time that happened I really needed a wheelchair. That would last about a week. Their wasn't a prescribed pain med that could alleviate that pain. I would end up in the ER. I do not have spondy like you. I have DDD, lordosis, disc deformity, and stenosis.
My surgeon had changed my surgery date to a sooner one as I was progressively getting worse at a very fast rate. I haven't posted this before because it is very embarrassing but oh well, I even started to lose my bladder. I had also suffered for so many years and my nerves were being damaged. My neuro did explain to me what may happen if I did not agree to the surgery. He also told me that their was no way of knowing if the nerves would heal or if they would be permanently damaged.

The pain I now have is not the same pain as prior to surgery. The back pain is different and is finally starting to lessen. The buttock pain is worse. I have pain in not one but both legs and feet. This could also be the nerves waking up and hopefully repairing themselves. Also have muscle pain but I am hoping this will go away as this is from the surgery. I have also started a thread called swollen legs and feet. I may have other medical conditions contributing to my leg pain. Recently they have found that I have anemia and I have to have all sorts of testing. I also have pitting edema and the causes for this are being ruled out with other testing. My neuro has said that my swelling is not related to my spine. But he also sent me to have a CT Scan which was yesterday. To soon for me to say if my surgery is a success or not. Fusion does take from 3 months till a year and sometimes longer. If I completely fuse within that time and my spine is stable the doctor's will consider my fusion a success. Even if I still suffer with muscle or nerve pain. I pray everyday.

I would suggest making a list of all your question's prior to your doctor's appointment. I always forget to ask something. I even made a list but the only problem was I forgot

Have a good night.

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