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Thanks Brenda: I'm trying not to start crying. I have been dealing with things pretty good, but the last few days lots of new things have been happening, all new places are becoming numb. I'm experiencing numbness on my other side as well , initially it's always been my right side.
I've noticed no problems going to the restroom. All I know is that the numbness in my leg is increasing big time. The pain is increasing in my back. Around the L5 tonight , I notice that I can't get in a comfortable position. It feels like it's burning and last night I also got upset because I had an episode of my foot getting very hot instead of the ice cold like usual. It felt like it was on fire.
I called my nurse a couple days ago and told her about the new symptoms, the heel of my foot is numb now and wasn't. The side of my right leg was numb at first , now along with the numbness they are sore to touch.
This is scaring me so bad, I'm just telling myself , don't freak out, don't freak out.
It's just weird I can strain with all my might to raise my foot from the ankle and it won't do it.

I'm going to try to calm down and I'll check back later ! Lisa :(

Accident at work March 24, 2003
Diagnosed with strained back and given 3 weeks PT
Continued pain -sent to neurosurgeon MRI showed bulge at L5- continued PT
May appt showed no improvement and increased weakness in right leg. Ordered Myelogram and EMG on May 28th

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