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I drive a Honda Prelude, should I get a better car to help my back? (one that doesn't sit as low?), If so, what cars are better? Also, I have a manual transmission, is an automatic better for the back? Or could the extra movement of shifting and clutching actually help exercise the lower back?

While were at it, do shoes with better arches help, my work shoes for the office don't seem to have great arches

Thanks for any input
I don't have any suggestions as to the best car, however, there are a few things that come to mind that you might want to consider. I drive an accord coupe, which is almost as low as your prelude, but has a little smoother ride. It's not the best for my back, but I can't just go around switching cars.

Before you get rid of your car, you may want to try using some sort of lumbar support such as a cushion to help you out. I'm sure there are special cushions/seats that you can get. I'm just using a little cylindrical pillow that I got from one of my PT's. Other than that, cars that are very low are probably bad. Also, cars that are 'sporty' generally have stiffer suspension setups, and so they will be a little more jerky and harsh. The same is true of many SUV's, with regards to suspension. I would think a minivan would probably work well, if the seats are good, and then a regular sedan would probably be next on my list.
I drive a Jeep Liberty, and while it isn't the best ride in the world, it has one feature that put all cars to shame. I can step up into it, which is much easier then getting up out of a car. I can just step down.

For reasons I won't go into, I traded my Toyota Rav4 for it, and that Toyota was the best car/suv I ever owned in my life. Excellent room for entry and egress. Try one out. You'll see what I mean. And since they are built with a car chassis, and not a truck one like most SUVs, it rides like any well built car.

Good luck with your search!

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