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Re: Back Surgery #3
Oct 14, 2003
Wow David, Your surgeon sounds like a reincarnation of my own! That's impossible, since he is still alive, but maybe they are twin brothers or something. [img][/img]

He is the coldest doctor I have ever met in my many visits to see one. He was a spoiled rich kid while he grew up and never ONCE did he ever feel pain of any type in his life. So he has no clue what it is. He too, does NOT believe in pain-killers, and he totally refuses to prescribe them to anyone.

Now I'm certainly no expert here, but I was allowed Lorcet 7.5/650 up to the morning of my surgeries, and there were no complications with anesthesia. Of course, the Lorcet was prescibed by my neurologist, and my surgeon didn't attempt to go against her presciption, but he did constantly let me know I should stop taking them and switch to ONLY Tylenol ES

With the pain you must have eating at you, I personally would demand the strongest pain-killer that will not interfere with anesthesia, and you can find this out by speaking with an anesthesiologist personally. Some surgeons just have no idea what pain their patients go through.

As far as the slice off your hip/pelvis versus a bone bank slice, I tried it once, then ONLY went with bone banks. The pain in my hip was more intense and lasted much longer than the surgery itself. I've heard from many who say the same thing, so you might look a little deeper into your options there.

Some people are disgusted by the thought of having some dead dudes bone put in them, but all the thing really is, is a highly sterilized piece of calcium that perfectly fits the space the disc used to be in. And because of the way it is processed, the chance of rejection by your body is very minimal at best.

I had a surgeon incredibly similar to yours, and I refused to be this totally miserable wreck with NO pain-killers before surgery. There really ARE options other than Tylenol before surgery. Like I said, talk to an anesthesiologist, as they would be the ones who would absolutely KNOW what doesn't cause conflicts with what they'll knock you out with.

If your surgeon is really as close to mine, he may just be pushing his unbelief in pain-killers on you, and you'll suffer needlessly. Please check this out David.

Our lives are full enough of pain and suffering, without someone who could care less wanting us to suffer needlessly. And yes indeed, my surgeon has absolute magic hands, and he did the finest surgery I could have ever hoped for. He certainly KNOWS his profession, but he knows little about human beings.

Good luck to you, and I hope you get some answers before you go under the knife.....
Re: Back Surgery #3
Oct 17, 2003
Well, I haven't been on here for a couple of days as it was too hard to sit at the computer.
It is now 1:00 AM. I went to bed at 8:30 PM last night and have not had 5 minutes sleep yet.
I have so far taken 4 sleeping pills, a pain killer and a half hour jacuzzi at 12:30 in the morning and all I can do is whimper and whine for the pain to stop.
I went to see my GP yesterday afternoon. He agreed with the spinal surgeon that I need to totally get off the meds, starting now. Because I have already had two back surgeries and there is already a great amount of scar tissue, it will be a lot more complicated operation than normal and it will be a lot easier for them to treat me for the pain after the surgery if my system is clear of the drugs.
I asked my GP about the different options for surgery as I had talked to others about getting bone for the fusion from the Bone Bank. He said, What is that? He has never heard of a Bone Bank before. But then, he is a GP and not a surgeon, so I guess he can be excused for that one. As you can probably tell, we live in the Dark Ages in Canada and are well behind the US in terms of options for surgery techniques.
My next step was to phone the receptionist this afternoon of the Spinal Surgeon and pose the same question to her. She also told me that because I had already had two back operations already and there was a lot of scar tissue present which made for a more complicated operation, the doctor preferred not to use bone from the Bone Bank that we have available in Toronto.
She advised me that, yes, the surgery is going to be much more invasive and I will indeed experience much more pain from where they remove the bone from my hip than from the spinal fusion itself, but they wanted to make sure that I had the best chances of success, which meant using my own bone.
I don't know how I am going to last another 3 1/2 weeks until surgery as the pain in my foot is totally unbearable when I walk on it.
I am using crutches to get around outside and a wheelchair at the office, but when I do have to walk at all, it feels like my toes are being ripped away from my foot.
I haven't slept in days, I have had an upset stomach for days and my nerves are totally shot. My GP says it is because of withdrawals from the drugs, but it is better to go through it now to get them out of my system. Otherwise, they would have to use massive doses of pain killers after the surgery to keep the pain under control.
I am not a very happy camper at the moment, but I feel that if I go against what my doctor orders and then anything goes wrong, he will then come back and put the blame on me because I didn't follow his orders.
Well, I have to go and try to get some sleep. I have to be up at 5:00 AM to go to work.
Thanks for all the comments received. Too bad that the doctors here seem to be so far behind what other countries are doing.
By the way, I just passed my one year anniversary on crutches this past weekend. My surgery date on November 12th is exactly 13 months from the day that I first went in to Emergency at the hospital here and the idiot doctor on duty in the middle of the night sent me home with some Advil.

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