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Well, I went for a follow up with my primary care dr to see how my 3 weeks of PT have gone. My back seems to have gotten worse, which I guess is normal to a point. I told my dr that when I was on Prednisone for bronchitis, about 95% of my back pain went away! He was a little alarmed by that (though I've seen on here how many people say that is the case with that med?) and ordered blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis, as well as complete blood counts. (still waiting to hear back on those)

He prescribed me Vioxx since most of my pain seems to be coming from inflamation and my ins co won't cover it :( They'll only cover it if you're over 65 or can prove you have RA younger than that age. I should add I'm only 25! Sigh..because I really think a drug like that could help me. Does anyone have any suggestions of drugs like that I could ask the dr about or suggest? He gave me more Naproxen, which does help a bit, but it seems like after a few days on it all the pain and swelling come back.

4/02 started having mid/low back spasms when sitting down - no health ins
8/03 started seeing chiropractor w/o ins - felt improvement
4/03 developed Sciatica down both legs
6/03 finally changed jobs to get ins!!
9/03 have tendinitis in BOTH feet from standing so much
X-rays show "slight" T-spine curve
10/03 leg/hip pain GONE affter 2 PT visits ~ but upper back got worse!

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