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Hi, Johnny13ravo & Pat :wave:

J-you are exactly right with the muscle thing - they are so guarded all the time that when some insult happens, they just tense up all that much more. That's why I drank a 5th before going [img][/img](lol - just kidding) But, they did put me on some adrenal supplements because those of us in chronic pain have over active adrenal glands and that helped calm my muscles down. Still, up until the last 2 (I think) sessions, I had EXCRUCIATING spasms and dropping pain EVERY TIME I got off the table. It's like there was a point when the table was bringing me upright that gravity took over once again and everything just kind of slammed back together. It's just so hard to know what to do with these backs of ours and we get to the point (as you well know) that sadly, we will try for anything. He also had me wear a trocantre (sp) belt which also helped which brings me to Pat.............

Pat.......... have they talked to you about wearing one of those belts? They are very uncomfortable, but I believe it helped keep my hips stable.

Also, I think I was a little hard on Jamal - I just want so badly for them to have a good season that I am looking for scape goats. Look out Frank, you're high on the list! :D

Please do let us know how court turns out. It's such a hard thing - I get real emotional about stuff like that - we've had to take several people to court for money they owe us and go to court for "poor workmanship" which wasn't and my husband generally does all the talking as I just get too mad and then emotions take over and I'm a mess! Very embarrassing! Not to mention unprofessional. We know where our strengths and weaknesses are - that's what makes us such a great team.

So, sounds like I'll be able to watch the whole game then tomorrow. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I so hope that last week was a good sign and that this season is going to be good. When the great fall, they fall hard and I have just felt so bad for our boys for the last two years. I so pray that this year is different.

Anyway - gotta go.

Have a good weekend all...............



2 Discograms
4 Level failed IDET
4 Confirmed torn lumbar discs, 2 full thickness
Issues now with c-spine & thoracic
Fusion of L5/S1 scheduled 3/5/03
Fusion successful - feeling better all the time
Major pain on L side of neck to shoulder - MRI revealed 2 shot discs (C5/6 & 6/7)
3 upper thoracic discs bulging as well
Hey, Pat

Was going to go to Lexington on Sunday to see my folks but alas, my husband is not doing much better. As a matter of fact, there is more pain now directly on his spine (I may have mentioned that!?) Anyway, bone scan is for Monday and I feel I should be here for that. He tried sleeping in our bed the other night and was just too unbearable for him so back on the couch he went. At least he's starting to drive for himself again.

I have been forced to work out in the field for the last 3 days sealing some of the decorative concrete we've poured in the last month (btw - be glad to talk colored concrete with you sometime) and I am not doing very well.

Do you have this "diffused" (for lack of a better word) pain that starts in your low back and then radiates down into your hips? It takes my breath away. Anyway, that has gotten worse and I think it's from L-3 (I remember the pain from my discogram from hell) which is my next worse level. My surgeon is holding out for his ADR on that one. Hope I can!

Are you maybe still doing some improvement from the rack? Didn't they put you on some vitamin supplements during the treatment? I really think they helped, and not the least of which was glucosamine/condroitin. Are you currently taking that - or anyone else for that matter?

I have major swelling in my ankles and feet and my GP thought it was from that so he took me off of them. Seemed to help somewhat.

So, the big red has a Thursday game next week, huh? Can you believe that the first 3 games of the season has been televised right on the heels of the worst season in big red history and yet, the years they were winning big, hardly any coverage? WHAT A SCAM! Oh, well, I'm enjoying it now!

Hey, Dennis!
You are too funny about the movie thing! Let's add insult to injury, shall we??? I agree with Pat, bring in your own if you can. Throwing up while on the rack is not advised!

I cannot believe they increased the weight, caused more pain while lying down, and now your feeling better! Way to go! Do you find it painful when gravity finally takes hold again when they are making you upright again? That was by far the worst moment for me. It quit about 2 sessions from the end. Do they have you on any supplements? I was told that was part of the treatment. (maybe they just wanted more of my hard earned money!)

That's awesome that your insurance is paying for a large portion. That is a shining light for Kara.

Hi, Kara - welcome!
I'm with you on the injection thing. I always waited until I HAD to have one. Had a total of 3 in my low back. The last was about 3 weeks before my fusion surgery just to help me make it through. None of them lasted more than a month, though. Sweet relief while it lasts!

I wish you luck on the rack. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away.


1st lumbar MRI showed 4 bulging lumbar discs and 3 bulging thoracic discs
Diagnosed with JDD
lumbar discograms
4 Level failed IDET
another lumbar disco
4 Confirmed torn lumbar discs, 2 full thickness
Issues now with c-spine & upper thoracic
Fusion of L5/S1 scheduled 3/5/03 (PLIF)
Fusion successful - feeling better all the time
Major pain on L side of neck to shoulder - MRI revealed 2 shot discs (C5/6 & 6/7)
3 upper thoracic discs bulging as well

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