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successtory -

i was hoping to ask your opinion and thoughts.
i am now two weeks post-op on my nucleoplasty on L5-S1 tommorrow. Outside of the pressure walking, I also seem to have pain in my piriformis muscle in my right buttock/hip area going into my right leg. Before the procedure, I pre-procedure I had intermittent sciatica in both legs but right in the middle straight down.
Especially after I walk I feel it, moreso in the right leg than left leg. I can't understand why. My doc said for me to try and walk 20 min twice a day now. It is very hard. I can't figure the line between how much I should be doing and how much I should be resting. I have lost alot of strength lying around. I can't tell if the pain in the piriformis area down my leg is from lying on my back/butt, or from the procedure. Any thoughts?

Also, I can walk for maybe 10 minutes twice a day. Even that has it's pain.
Why do you think it takes so long to get to be able to walk and sit, and why so much pressure on the back? What is it about nucleoplasty that makes it take so long to get back to somewhat normal? Seems all they did was remove a small amount of nucleus. Seems like this whole thing will take a couple of months at least. So different than what your led to believe. Just trying to get used to being patient at this point. I value your thoughts.

- Ken
Standingman & Karen -

Thank you for the well wishes. The first week was tough. The second week got a little better. I figure as everyone tells me, it is just a matter of time. I am praying to be able to go to P/T in the 6-8 week timeframe. Once I am all better, I plan to write my experiences and suggestions to help everyone who will have nucleoplasty. It does take time and not the one to two weeks everyone reads about. Managing expectations is a big part. Let me know how things continue to go Karen on your upcoming procedure.

Successtory -

Once again, wise words. Our stories seem very similar. I agreee with you in all areas. I am trying as best as I can to go very slowly and conservatively with what I can do, and any mild exercises.
I feel good that I can at least take care of myself a little better (shower, dress, ...). I am now at 18 days post-op. I can walk about 10 min at a time. I try to do this twice a day just around my house. Sitiing is a bit tougher. I just got the tush-cush and I am hoping that helps a little. Eating is much harder on an incline, thats for sure.
I do understand also about the disk not getting blood. I did alot of research on the procedure, even as far as talking to the medical director at Arthrocare.
If you have time, I have yet another question for you.
I am wondering about how you were before the procedure as opposed to after. I read your bio and understand you were unable to walk in and had an inverted hernia (what's that?), and ruptured quadrants.
Was all you pain in the legs, or was it combined with back pain? The reason I ask this is because before the procedure, my main concerns were intermittent sciatica in both legs, and pressure in my low back that made it difficult to stand after awhile. Sitting seemed to be OK. My MRI said I had a "mild central herniation of L5-S1" so I know the disk was barely touching (but nonetheless touching) the S1 nerve roots. The sciatica was down the middle of both legs. That has gone away but I still have some residual sciatica down the right outer part of my right leg. I am hoping that will go away in time especially after more healing time and P/T starts again. But I was more concerned about the pressure one feels after standing for a little while or sitting a little while. Did you have this too before the procedure? and after the procedure did you have it during the 6 weeks before your P/T? how is your back and legs now?
Where do you think the pressure comes from?
I know, questions, questions, questions ......
My doc who is also quite good also gave me the gel mix of chondrotin, decstrose, and the rest ..... so I am hoping disk height was kept and that it supposedly helps with any disk tears.
Hope your well too!

- Ken

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