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Good morning all. Hope everyone is having an easy time working the kinks out and getting going today! glad you found the thread and joined us. Since, like you, I am waiting for this surgery, I don't have answers to some of your questions. I can really only tell you what my doctor has told me...the bone graft will only be taken from one hip and they will only need to do that if they do not get enough bone from what they remove to decompress the nerves.
My guess is that you will not feel much like seeing your friends for the first day or 2. From what my doctor has told me, I will be pretty drugged up from the anesthesia and pain meds for the first day or 2 and that there is a lot of pain the first few days. Maybe you can tell your friends that your parents will call 1 person when you are up for company and that person will call the others. It is important to realize that while we are all very positive and strong, this is a big surgery and it is painful. Many people that post on this board, say they have been very exhausted for the first few weeks after the surgery. The most important thing is that you use all your energy toward recovering...if you have any left for your friends, great...if not they will need to understand that! As CatDaddy has told us...we need to be strong to get well!

SHG...I am sorry if I remind you of your mom, that's probably the last thing you need. I'll try to be less mom-like if I can. I really understand how you're feeling about your girlfriend needing to travel. I have heard others say that working for the same company is often difficult in that way...hard to schedule vacations together and things like that and that the company is ususally not very sensitive about these things. I agree that having others with you is not the same...I would be totally devestated if my husband could not be with me. It is good to know, though, that there are others, and at least you will not be totally alone.

I am glad that you have not let those negative comments interfere with your strong, positive attitude, and admire you for holding your tongue. Not sure I would have done the same.

I wish you, and all our other strong supportive friends on this thread a wonderful, pain-free as possible day!

Each and everyday you have the opportunity to Choose Your Attitude. Choose wisely.
Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis for 26 years, recently progressed to Grade II
With marked canal and foraminal stenosis and severe compression of L5 Nerve root.
Scheduled for L5/S1 360 degree fusion on 9/8
DDD and bone spurs T11-S1
Herniated C3-C4
Disk/spur complex C4-C5
Significant bone spurs C5-C6
Can anyone say "just give me a whole new spine!"
Hi All
Just a quick one.
They rolled me in at 7:45 on Wednesday morning.
Rolled me out at 11:30.
Went in throught my back through the old incision site, except it has now increased from about 1" to 12" as the doc had to peel back my back to get access to my hip.
Found the nerves that were being pinched and compressed.
Cut out some bone to make the hole larger to relieve the pressure.
Put in titanium rods and screws and did a bone graft from my left hip to do a fusion.
They kicked me out this morning, after four days.
Phoned an Orthotics store yesterday (Saturday) and got some equipment sent over to the house so no reason to stay at the hospital.
The nerves that were compressed and squished for so long are still giving me problems, but without the associated pain. The doctor said it might take anywhere from a few months to a year while they recover.
Can't sit any longer - told ok to sit max 20 minutes for the first while.
Will chat more in a day or two.

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