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Same with me! Every time I go to the dr it seems to get higher and higher. My PT was afraid to let me use the cardio machines one day it was so high, but I had also taken some Sudafed that day for a chest cold, so that is probably why. My dr isn't very concerned about it, since mine is running in the normal to high range. He said it's probably more from pain than the actual meds, but who knows!

4/02 started having mid/low back spasms when sitting down - no health ins
8/03 started seeing chiropractor w/o ins - felt improvement
4/03 developed Sciatica down both legs
6/03 finally changed jobs to get ins!!
9/03 have tendinitis in BOTH feet from standing so much
X-rays show "slight" T-spine curve
leg pain GONE affter 2 PT visits ~ but back got worse!

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