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:confused: I am 3 month post surgery from an anterior cervical discectomy and i am having the worst time!! I have been having more pain, than before the surgery. They say it is muscle spasms, but my arms are so weak and painful i cannot perform the basic chores and self care stuff myself. It is weird i was getting WAY better, down to just tylenol 8 hr., life was grand.... then i took a 3 hr car ride. For the last month now, the pain has been getting much worse. I have been to the hospital 3 times thinking something else had gone wrong. 3 mri's later and ..... MUSCLE SPASMS??? UofM gave me Valium, Flexeril, Baclofen, and Nuerontin. 4 prescriptions!!! My hands tingle and go numb constantly, I have a reasonably big lump at the back of my neck. My collarbones and shoulder bones and arms, hurt and feel heavy. I have shooting pains that go down my right arm, while the left arm just feels tingly and weird. HELP!!! Does anyone know what i am talking about??? All the x-rays and MRI's are negative. The only thing it shows is some spurs in my thoracic region and none that are pinching everything. A nicely healing thoracic fracture and of course my surgery site c/5 - c/6. I am truly baffled. The sounds from the mri maching made my muscles twitch soooo bad. At the hospital after the strenght tests with the DR., my muscles looked like i was hooked up to a muscle stimulator. If anyone had any ideas, please let me know. Thanks. :confused:

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