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Wow, where do I start?? Haven't seen this many posts in one day in a long time!
Have to start with Lauren. I am so sorry to hear of your accident. I am STILL scared to death of another accident, but especially since my surgery. There was another member here (Coby) who had accident after surgery and he hurt for a few days and was fine. We'll keep our fingers crossed it's the same for you.

Laura~ you crack me up! You certainly have a way of getting your frustrations out loud and clear! I sure don't blame you for being [email protected]#ed. And I don't ever plan on bending at the waist again. For me it will always be squatting, or golfers bend. Now, my therapist last week asked me to stand up and try to touch my toes. OF COURSE I looked at him like he asked me to fly! He just smiled and said "you're past 3 mos, you'll do fine. Just don't push it". Very reassuring so I did it. Almost touched the floor! Anyway, I'm glad you didn't get banned totally! too bad about the flowers, they are such a nice touch before surgery. Oh yeah, not a clue about your MRI???

Rosa, I am so sorry you were in pain yesterday. Is it arthritis in your knees? Will you need a replacement down the road? Must be he!# to live with back and knee problems. The Tens doesn't require surgery. I'm not sure where you picked that up from, but I don't have time to go back and look (it's lunch time!).

Christina, here is wishing you the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME and smooth sailing for your surgery tomarrow. You'll do great, and be back here posting in no time!

Hi Dee, how are ya? Thanks for the info about your hubby's ankle surgery. Very interesting! Hopefully won't need to go there! The brace is definately helping and only using it at night.

Hi Seeks! I know what you mean about enjoying reading what other docs are telling people, it gives a comfort knowing that all these feelings etc we feel post op are normal. The brace has really helped my foot. I am a stomach/side sleeper, so when I lay on my right side for example, my left ankle has a tendancy to flop down toward the bed (cause it's the foot on top). This in turn stretches the nerve. Also, I do have very marked weakness in my left foot which I never knew about, but it's not foot drop. It's trying to move it to the side. Still working on that.

Lunch is over. Seeks, I think there's more, but I'll have to finish this at home tonite.

See ya!~ Daubie

Car Accident 2/2/02
Herniated disc L5/S1
Epidurals x3, PT 4 mos, some relief
Microdiscectomy 6/6/03

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