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Hi Everyone, it's Rosa. Boy, have I been gone for a while. I've been having extra medical problems. Tell you about them later. 831 responses, that's impressive. There are a lot of new people here that I don't know and a few old timers. I can't wait to read everything I've missed. My recovery has been slower than I expected but considering the amount of work my doc did, I'm doing well. At my last appointment he admitted that I had major surgery done and that it may take over a year to get over it. I thought I had done something wrong because after four months I still can't bend or sit in the tub. My husband had to help me in the tub and wash my lower legs and back because my shoulders hurt. I was two shades of dirty and I tried to turn it into a sexual experience but he turned me down. I wonder why!

The kids are doing well. They start school in two weeks, thank you Jesus. They are pigs and should be destroyed!

You know I checked into the cervical board and they are not as lively as everyone is here. I've also been reading the arthritis boards, the back boards are the best. I'll check back tomorrow. I have a lot to tell everyone. I need everyone's opinion...I don't have any tattoos and want around my incision tattooed. A beautiful tree was what I had in mind, my family said no. What do you think?

Goodnight to everyone and have a pain free day.

Hi all!!
Is everyone still out there somewhere???
I am wondering where my old chat friends went!!
Hope someone gets back to this thread soon!!!
Remember me, I had a lamy/discectomy on Sept 5th. I was doing well until I went back to work. Everything kinda got crappy. I'm terrified that the surgery didn't work now. Everytime I try to go to PT is hurts me! It did help me until I started working all day.
Anyone 3.5 months post op and still wondering if their surgery worked??


[QUOTE=TexMich]Hi Dee & Thom! :wave:

Well guys, I think everyone's lives just got too busy to keep this thread going - busy means we're out living life - as I was just saying in a new posting this a.m. to the originator of this thread (Carol - Etoile du Nord). Carol 'ck'd back in' on this board a few days ago - @ 9 mos post op - & 8 mos pregnant! I told her we kept her thread going for quite a while & perhaps set a record for the longest thread here! (the 1st L5-S1 she started). That we made a lot of 'back buddies' here - & we all continued what she & others started - helped & supported one another thru the tough decisions on surgery & fun post-op times - and shared a few laughs along the way! :D

I think our journey down that unknown road- together- made it a little easier for us. I'm sure it did! The one up ahead could say "hey- watch out for that bear behind the tree on the left side of the road!" (no I'm not still on pain medication - I'm using metaphors ;) lol!) - or maybe one a few steps behind on that road - mentioned something in their recovery- that hadn't occurred to the others. Regardless, I'll remember the support & comraderie ... (& Dee's trunk!)

I enjoyed chatting with every one of you here & miss you guys also - & wish everyone of you the very best - health & happiness-wise - with continued improvements with flexibility, strengthening & normalcy for our backs!! :)

Maybe we can all ck back quarterly or something on this thread for a quick catch-up (ea 3 mos or so?) - or maybe twice a yr -(1st of the month Jan & July?) - or is that too structured? Of course - if any of us had an 'issue' we needed to chat about at anytime- the back board's always here.

Well Thom, glad to hear you continue to feel improvement! If I can offer one more bit of advice - you may want to ask for a script to go for one more round of PT - & see a very good PT who specializes in post op recovery - one who believes in stretching & strengthening to get your body core & spine in it's best position to serve you. One who will address tightness & who's into methods to help prevent scar tissue adherence. If you decide to go again- may want to send a letter stating the type philosophy/methods & personal goals you're looking for to a few in your area (or call their office manager w/questions) - to get just the right one. Otherwise-as you probably know- it's a crap-shoot!

Dee, Daubie, Rosa, Raiza, The-Dave's, Long-gone-Coby, Kristen, Stormy, Lauren - & ALL our other back-buddies remembered but not mentioned - take care!

Be well friends! :wave:

Laura ;)[/QUOTE]

Congrat's on your recovery; best wishes for the season and continued improvement...

Can you elaborate on your "nerve concoction" brew...?

Many thanks!


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