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Hi Everybody,

Sorry for the silence this weekend, I was actually busy. Friday night did a little work in the snack bar at the football game. My daughter is in Dance Drill and although it was not our night to work we helped anyway. I made sure the condiment table was supplied, my husband was on the pit and my boys helped too. I only needed one pain pill and I did get tired. When I'm tired I kinda lean to the left and use the counter tops for support. I was so happy to be out. Had a panic attack yesterday. Went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds and the pharmacist informed me of a drug interaction. I can't take Vicodin and Darvocet does me no good so for breakthrough pain the doc prescribed Ibuprofen. Pharmacist said since I take Voltaren 2X/daily, Ibuprofen (chemically similar to Voltaren) is like an overdose and could cause stomach to bleed. Had a heartattack so I left a message for the doc.

Daubie, you're only 5'2", my goodness. I'm 5'7" and wear the highest heels I can find. I told my husband that I need a wheelchair for the next time I get dressed I can sit in the chair and cross my legs so people can see my shoes. I'm so serious. I start PT Friday and I will really be asking for a wheelchair because last year I was unable to go to certain functions with my daughter's team because I couldn't do the walking. They did a parade at Disneyland twice, the LA County Fair, two Christmas parades and I couldn't attend any of it. I couldn't stand the walking and still can't. That's the only reason I want it, so I can participate.

Michaela, don't worry about the depo. I'm sure you did fine.

GA, I'm sorry you have a rough time of it the other night and I'm sorry about the pain you're experiencing in your neck. I'm having neck pain also but I'm pretty sure you know that arthritis was confirmed in my case. Before you freak, make sure it's not an ear infection. My pain goes from my ear to my shoulder.

Lauren - I'm so happy you're doing better. The only thing I can say about sitting time for me is that before surgery I couldn't sit at all. I had to lay on the couch and in the car I automatically reclined the seat and would lay on my left side, so anything after surgery was an improvement. I was able to sit for a long time after surgery, now is a little more difficult than then. I'm just backwards.

Tung-Sol and Seeks, Hellllo!!!

Before I go, my new doc is going to be sorry I like him. I had a brain storm today and believe me it hurt. I have extremely bad feet and have had 8 operations. None of the podiatrists told me about any misaligning and that it could be affecting me, they just operated. I'm extremely flat foot and my feet lean toward the inside, you can tell my ankles lean inward too much. Yes I still wore my heels. My new podiatrists told me over a year ago there was nothing they could do for it except maybe orthodics, $350 cash. 5 months later is when my back went completely out of whack. Do you think that maybe my feet have thrown my body out of alignment and is causing all this back trouble? Let me know.

Luv to all,


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