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Hello :wave: L5S1,

I really hope that you do not have to go through another back surgery and that the sciatic nerve does indeed heal. Your situation has sent an alarm to my brain... I am only 4 months post op and I did not wear the brace for several weeks. I do suffer with extreme swelling and posterior subcutaneous edema has also been reported on my most recent CT Scan. I had started a thread about that report and my neuro had said that my films were read incorrectly but I doubt the edema was because he did ask me if I was using Ice. Also at that bottom of that report they said the correlation with prior studies or follow up MRI would be helpful. I have searched the web but could not find the time period for a fusion patient to have an MRI. When I had gone for my first and even second follow up appointments to my surgeon he was very upset that I did not have my brace yet. He had his nurses on the phone all the time calling me, my insurance company and brace maker. So I guess he is one of the doctor's at least in my case that does believe in the benefit of the brace. Prior to my surgery I had sciatica in my right leg only. I now suffer with pain in both legs and feet. I have recently started to finally sleep on my right side (alleluia) but after a half hour I get so much pain in the right hip I have to return to my back. I get pins and needles in both feet when going to a sit down or lying position. I have left heel pain and pain in three right toes that feels as if they are twisting. I have also been seeing a podiatrist. I realize that nerves and muscles take a great deal of time to heal but I also read other posts were patients have a remarkable recovery. Gosh when I finally got my brace I even slept in it for the first I did all the walking that my back and legs would let me. Then I ran into other complications at a later time. I still have not started physical therapy.

I am sorry to hear that those members that you spoke of are no posting. I will do the search with your name and see what I come up with. Hopefully their are other members here that will come forward and share their experiences.

I forgot to ask you after the hardware was removed from your right side, did you feel any pain relief. I don't think that you would have felt it immediately as you probably needed time to recover from yet another surgery. But what I am asking did you feel any sort of a change in your pain levels and did your swelling go down. Also did you get to keep your hardware or at least see it?

Good Luck to You.

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